Bride's partner slammed after massive sacrifice revealed: 'Disgusting'

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People have been rallying around a bride-to-be, after she innocently commented on a social media post asking how much couples have been saving for their big day.

The woman admitted that she’s skipping health appointments and going without important medication, just so her fiancé can have his dream wedding.

People have described the bride-to-be's situation as 'heartbreaking'. Photo: Getty
People have described the bride-to-be's situation as 'heartbreaking'. Photo: Getty

A member shared screenshots of her answers to a popular wedding Facebook group, with the caption: “This is just really f**king sad.”

Noting that she can save roughly $1200 every three months if she goes without medication, the bride-to-be explained her thoughts.

“My future husband wanted a wedding and he’s got way more family than I do. Someone has to pay for them. I don’t have a job due to my lupus and I’m very well not going to have my fiancé front everything.

“So I’ve cut out much of my stuff as I can (not that I did much to begin with!), and that includes my medicine, dental and doctor visits. If it saves me money for the wedding he truly wants, I’ll do anything for him,” she wrote.


Group members slammed her fiancé, saying that anyone who values a party over their partner’s health is ‘disgusting’ and that the whole situation was ‘f**king heartbreaking’.

“It’s wild that she is seemingly willing to die for him to have the party he wants, and he doesn’t want to compromise his perfect party for his fiancée’s health. I mean, she’s not going to feel good on her wedding most likely, right?” asked a group member.

People were horrified that the bride-to-be was willing to sacrifice her life for her fiancé. Photo: Facebook/that's it, I'm wedding shaming & Getty
People were horrified that the bride-to-be was willing to sacrifice her life for her fiancé. Photo: Facebook/that's it, I'm wedding shaming & Getty

“It makes me so sad thinking anyone would allow their love to go without treatment and meds in order to fund the wedding they want. So sad. I would never let this happen. We’d be at the courthouse with a potluck party afterwards,” another member chimed in.

“She’s presumably partially financially dependent on her fiancé. This isn’t her choice, he has the ability to insist that her health comes first. What the f**k has he done to her to make her feel so worthless and undeserving of treatment? It seems she’s trapped as many disabled people are in relationships,” someone else pointed out.

In another update, the bride-to-be tried to brush her sacrifice off as no big deal, but people weren’t buying it.

“For everyone a little shocked — I’m sorry. It’s very hard to have lupus and fibro, with no job, but still want a wedding. It's like deciding whether you want to eat or pay your electric bill," she wrote.

“It sounds crazy, yes. But I just want my future husband to be happy with this wedding. I want my in-laws to be happy and hopefully be more of a family to me than how they are now."

The update from the bride-to-be just worried group members more.

“Her in-laws aren’t gonna like her more just because she’s torturing herself for a wedding day. And the fact that her husband [to-be] is fine with her doing that just so he can have the day HE wants is disgusting, and such a massive red flag,” one member wrote.

“I feel horrible for her, I just wanna go pick her up and make her my new sister or something. She sounds like she wants a family so badly and these people sound awful,” a second added.

“This is what happens when your disease weighs heavily on you mentally. You start to think you can’t be loved without making major compromises often to your health to prove you’re worthy of spending time with or loving,” a group member pointed out.

“This is the saddest thing I’ve ever read. If he loved her, he wouldn’t let her do that,” another replied.

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