Bride roasted for 'mouldy' wedding cake: 'Dried Play-Doh'

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A bride received an unexpected reaction after she posted a photo of her wedding cake online, showcasing her cute fox toppers.

While the toppers looked cute, her gross cake was savaged on social media with multiple people saying it looked ‘mouldy’.

L: Bride and Groom cut into their wedding cake R: Screenshots of Facebook comments
People have been shocked by the bride's horrific cake. Photo: Getty & Facebook/That's it I'm wedding shaming

On a review website, the bride wrote alongside the cake: “We custom ordered two of these little guys for our wedding cake toppers, and they were absolutely perfect!”

The cake’s frosting is cracked, with a large dirty smudge on the side. Sitting on the top is a strange piece of cardboard, with the fox toppers resting above.


After the photo was shared in a popular wedding group on Facebook, people were baffled by the cake that looked ‘stepped on’.

“This cake has seen things,” one wrote, with another adding, “I’ve never wanted cake LESS’.

Squished purple wedding cake with a cardboard circle and two fox toppers on top, flowers surrounding the cake.
The cake looks like it was dropped on the ground. Photo: Facebook/That's it I'm wedding shaming

“If you drop the cake on the floor before serving, you probably don’t need to take pictures of it. Also that’s literally the cardboard that’s supposed to go under the cake. What has this poor cake gone through?” asked a group member.

“Ma’am. Wait a min…we ain’t just gonna skip over this mouldy ass, f**ked up ass cake for the toppers on cardboard. We ain’t about to do that. Come back and explain yourself,” a member demanded.

“This is dried Play-Doh. You can’t convince me it’s not,” another added, referring to the cracked texture of the icing.

Some tried to figure out what had gone wrong, and many didn’t understand what the cardboard was doing on the top of the cake.

“This cake is a hot mess. Maybe they dropped it upside down and that’s why the cardboard is on top, lol,” a person guessed.

“Looks like they bought the cake that sat in the display case for six months. And the cardboard?? I’d be so mad,” another pointed out.

“It’s the cardboard and suspicious mould spot for me,” a third wrote.

“The cake was so f**ked up they put cardboard underneath the cute figures so they wouldn’t touch,” a person joked.

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