Bride slammed after excluding grandma for 'cruel' reason: 'Ungrateful'

A bride has been slammed online for her ‘cruel’ decision to exclude her grandma from her upcoming wedding.

Posting on the popular Am I the Asshole subreddit, she explained she was worried that her grandma might have a heart attack, which would ‘ruin the event’.

A bride has been labelled 'cruel' online after her decision. Photo: Getty
A bride has been labelled 'cruel' online after her decision. Photo: Getty

“I am getting married soon to my lovely fiancé, but unfortunately there’s a lot of controversy between my family for not inviting my grandma (early 60s) to my wedding,” she began.

“I already made it clear that I didn’t invite her because of her heart issues, which already caused her to have a heart attack earlier in the year.

“I don’t [want] them acting up at my wedding again and potentially ruining the event. It’s really nothing personal, but both my grandma and her daughter (my mum) took it personally and made it an issue with my entire family," she revealed.


“At the end of the day, who I invite or not to my wedding and for what reason is entirely my business and anyone who disagrees with it [is] free to not attend, but I’m not gonna let myself be guilt-tripped to change my wedding invitations,” she wrote.

She finished with the question: “Am I the asshole for not inviting my grandma to my wedding [due to the] fear that her heart issues will ruin it?”

The bride doesn't want her grandma's health issues to ruin her big day. Photo: Getty
The bride doesn't want her grandma's health issues to ruin her big day. Photo: Getty

Unsurprisingly, the bride faced the wrath of hundreds of people, both on Reddit and social media.

“Wtf and yes, you’re the asshole. What a hurtful thing to do to your grandma. If she’s going to have a heart issue that day she’ll likely have it wherever she is and do you really think it wouldn’t disrupt your wedding if she had it at home?” one person wrote.

“Does [the bride] really think that if their grandma had a heart attack elsewhere it wouldn’t ALSO affect the wedding anyways? People would be notified and it would be treated like an emergency — because it IS an emergency. The only difference is that now the grandma is excluded and alone,” a second pointed out.

“I would be so heartbroken if any of my three daughters ever turned out this cruel and petty. I would have been the happiest person ever if ANY of my grandparents were alive for my wedding, or just in general. I hope none of her family shows up at all,” another commented.

“I WISH my grandparents could’ve been at my wedding. I miss them every day. Ungrateful little asshat,” a fourth remarked.

Others were shocked by some of the bride’s comments on the post, which showed she was more worried about her wedding than her grandma’s health.

The bride added that if anybody had to leave the wedding in the case of emergency, she wanted them to be ‘discreet’ and not inform any other guests.

She said that people knowing about her grandma’s potential health scares would ‘destroy the atmosphere of her wedding in general’, which is exactly what she wants to avoid.

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