Bride's stepmother roasted for 'attention-seeking' white gown

An outfit worn by a bride’s stepmother has left wedding guests confused as to which of the women would be walking down the aisle.

Taking to Reddit, one guest admitted that the stepmother’s ‘white-ish, beaded gown’ — complete with a train — was so bridal that she did a double take.

A photo of a bride's father and stepmother who is wearing a white, beaded gown with a train. Both faces are obscured
A bride's stepmother has stolen the show at her wedding through her choice of gown. Photo: Reddit.

“Thought this was the bride and groom at first - nope,” they captioned a photo of said stepmother with her partner, the bride’s father.

“[It’s the] father and stepmother of the bride, wearing a white-ish, beaded gown with a train,” they explained.


According to the guest, the bride herself said ‘I do’ in a far less dramatic dress than her stepmother’s.

“The bride wore an off-the-shoulder ball gown with minimal lace and no beading - it was super pretty. So yeah, the stepmum’s dress was more ornate and detailed due to the lace, beading, and sparkles,” they wrote.

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Fellow Reddit users gathered in the comments section to widely slam the woman for her ‘attention-seeking’ wardrobe choice — with one even calling her an ‘a**hole’.

“I feel like there are so many easier ways to scream ‘Pay attention to MEEEEEE!!!!’ that don’t instantly make you look like the a**hole,” one wrote.

“Oof. Attention seeking,” said another.

One Redditor revealed how they would’ve handled the situation:

“I would have kicked her out if that was my wedding,” they declared.

Another user sheepishly admitted that they were a fan of the gown.

“Oh crap, I love that dress though,” they wrote.

“I agree! Very pretty dress, just not appropriate for a wedding if you’re not the bride,” the guest replied.

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