Bride's rant about guest's 'illogical' coronavirus fear backfires

A woman has felt the full force of her own social media missile this week, after a post intending to mock her bridesmaid’s ‘illogical’ fear of coronavirus infection backfired spectacularly.

The Candian bride-to-be took to Facebook after the global coronavirus pandemic began to encroach on her planned bridal shower, forcing guests and even bridesmaids to pull out.

Bride slams bridesmaids for missing bridal shower over coronavirus concerns
A bride's rant about her bridesmaid's 'illogical' coronavirus fears backfired epically online. Photo: Getty Images

In the lengthy post, the bride slammed one bridesmaid for ‘using COVID as an excuse’ not to come to her bridal shower, after the woman pulled out over fears of becoming infected at the event.

After another bridesmaid pulled out because she lives in America and wouldn’t be able to cross the border, the bride says she was left ‘embarrassed’ over having just two of her bridesmaids at the event, and argued that her local friend was being ‘illogical’.

“Another bridesmaid is using COVID-19 as an excuse not to come,” the bride wrote. “Our hall will be much larger than required and will be socially distanced. She can also wear a mask if she wants to.”

Image of Bride's Facebook rant slamming bridesmaid for 'using coronavirus\' as an excuse to skip bridal shower
Photo: Reddit

She went on to argue that her friend didn’t need to ‘hug or greet people’ and attending the event was the same as ‘going to the grocery store or work’.

“Has anyone confronted how illogical some people are being?” she wondered at the post’s conclusion.

Needless to say, many hit back arguing the ‘illogical’ person in the scenario was hardly the bridesmaid, but rather the bride herself.


Comments slam ‘selfish’ bride

“Oh wow how illogical to value your health and life over a social event,” was one sarcastic response to a screenshot of the post that was shared to Reddit. “It's like your day isn't the shining pinnacle of everyone's life...”

Other pointed out that unless all guests were wearing masks, the bride’s offer to let the bridesmaid wear one was little better than useless.

“Love how she keeps mentioning the bridesmaid can wear a mask ‘if she wants’ which means she will be letting other people attend not wearing a mask,” one person wrote. “Wearing a mask doesn't protect yourself, it protects other people!”

"Sounds like a lot of people there won't be wearing masks,” another agreed.

Others had no patience for the bride’s ‘selfish’ attitude.

“Covid-19 can kill,” one pointed out. “And it may be your wedding but that doesn't mean people should be willing to get sick or die for you. You're lucky you can have it at all. Try showing gratitude and grace.”

It’s not the first social media storm to erupt over weddings during the lockdown period.

One bride left guests baffled with her ‘insane’ demand that they formally ‘apply’ to attend her destination wedding in February 2021.

Because of the new restrictions on numbers, the bride asked guests to submit an essay application.

The bride would then review the submissions and pass or fail them ‘based on people’s enthusiasm’; guests who fail to supply both essays will be ‘automatically disqualified’.

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