Bride called out for honeymoon plans: 'She needs a reality check’

A bride-to-be has been slammed online for her 'crazy' honeymoon plans, that resulted in an argument that has seen a family member uninvited from the actual wedding.

The bride’s brother revealed his sister is determined to honeymoon at his house, and it’s causing a major rift in the family.

Bride and groom.
A bride has demanded that she and her partner have their honeymoon at her brother’s house. Photo: Getty

Taking to Reddit’s ‘Am I the A******?’ forum, the man explained that he bought his family’s lake house in 2017.

The situation worked out well at the time as his parents needed to sell their place to pay for his sister’s college, and he has since moved in there with his partner.

However, things went south when his sister got engaged to her boyfriend and planned their wedding for December.

“Issues came up recently when my sis asked where I was going to stay for the two weeks after her wedding,” he detailed online.

“Puzzled, I answered, ‘my house?’ She got a sour look and said that wouldn’t work [because] she and her fiancé would be there and they wanted private time.”


“I asked why they’d be at my house, and she said that’s where they were having their honeymoon. I said that was news to me. She insisted our parents said it was fine, but I said it wasn’t their place to make decisions about my house.”

He went on to say that after a number of arguments, she uninvited him from the wedding and his parents have said that he’s being ‘unreasonable’.

Reddit users assured him that his family were the ones with the irrational assumptions.

“Your sister is crazy for expecting that before even confirming with you,” one person commented.

“It’s your house, not a hotel,” another added.

“What she needs is a reality check, not a wedding,” someone else shared.

Bridezilla demands $400 gifts

The post comes after another bride-to-be was called out online for demanding that her wedding guests spend ‘at least $400’ on gifts.

The woman posted her gift registry on Facebook, which specified that guests ‘must’ choose something from the list.

The full list includes a new car, kitchen appliances, and any Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbags, although “other purses are allowed but please consult me first”.

The Facebook post continues, requesting “new floor tiles for the entire house. I know this one is a bit of stretch but I’d gladly appreciate it”.

Other items include clothes, beauty products, gift vouchers and cash, with all of them valuing over $400.

Bridal gift registry.
The gift registry drew a lot of criticism. Photo: Facebook

Facebook users couldn’t believe the bridezilla’s ‘greedy’ demands and shared their ideas for what they’d do if they were the wedding guests.

“I’d RSVP, eat their food and then give them a card with $400 in Monopoly money. I really hate people who use weddings as a gift grab,” one user wrote.

“If I had the kind of money to mess around, I’d buy them the most hideous tiles for the house that I could find and surprise them with the install,” someone else commented.

A third added: “I would make a $40 donation to a charity in the couple's name and promise another $40 donation on each anniversary that they are still married. I'm guessing the donations would not amount to anywhere near $400!”

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