Bride fumes as bridesmaid breaks hen party rule and 'ruins' photos

The other bridesmaids believed that the floral print on the dress drew attention away from the bride.

A recent incident at a hen's party has left a bride-to-be seething after one of her bridesmaids showed up in an outfit that blatantly disregarded the dress code, resulting in the overall look of the photos being completely "ruined."

While dress codes for wedding ceremonies are nothing out of the ordinary, one bride has taken it a step further by implementing one for her pre-wedding celebrations as well.

Bride and bridesmaids holding flowers
A bride was left fuming when her bridesmaid broke one of her hen party rules. Photo: Getty Images

A member of the bridal party has shared her story, revealing that she was specifically instructed to wear black to her friend's hen do, so that the bride could stand out as the sole individual wearing colour.

However, it seems that the bridesmaid misinterpreted the theme and arrived at the party donning a "floral dress" with a black base colour. The other bridesmaids wasted no time in criticising her for not adhering to the dress code and, in their opinion, diverting attention away from the bride.

Expressing her perspective on Reddit, the bridesmaid shared her side of the story.

"Last week was my friend’s hen party, the organisers requested we all wear black and the bride can wear something colourful of her choice and that way she stands out as the bride," she said.


"I wore a floral dress with a black background which I thought was perfectly on theme because it is black as the base, but when I got there everyone else was wearing all black only. One of the girls in the group asked why I'm wearing florals when we were supposed to wear black, I said my dress is still black too just with a floral print."

Continuing her explanation, the bridesmaid revealed that during the group photo session, one of the party planners appeared annoyed by the situation. They remarked that the photos appeared imbalanced with all the guests dressed in black—while the bride stood in colour, the presence of a random floral print only diverted attention away from the her as the intended focal point of the shot.

"Later I confided with another girl saying I don't see why it was a big deal, it's just a hen party and I didn't think it needed to be that strict. She said it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it also wouldn't have been a big deal for me to just wear black like instructed, that everyone owns black and it was chosen to make things easy, but it seemed like I was being difficult for the sake of it."

Bride and bridesmaids with their back to the camera
Redditors largely sided with the bride. Photo: Getty Images

Commenters on the Reddit post largely sided with the bride, expressing the opinion that although dress codes can be irritating, they should still be followed.

One person replied: "Instructions seemed pretty damn clear and you seem to be the only one who didn’t get it and not follow it to the letter, so that’s on you. “Wear black” does not mean “oh so long as the base is black anything goes."

Another agreed with the bridesmaid's frustration but acknowledged that she had pushed the boundaries of the dress code, stating: "Mandatory rigid dress codes for what should just be a fun event for everyone - I agree it's annoying. But there's no way you thought 'wear black' was the equivalent of 'wearing something with black in it'."

While another added, "I personally find the dress code a little ridiculous but there was a dress code nonetheless. You were supposed to wear black, not black with something else."

A fellow member of the group joined the discussion, highlighting the instructions given to the bridesmaid. They pointed out: "They literally told her the objective was for the colours on the bride to stand out. No sane human would think a floral dress in black meets that objective."

Another person succinctly expressed their opinion, stating, "I hope the bride quietly rescinds this lady’s wedding invitation, lest she show up in white to the wedding too!"

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