Bride blows up at brother over wedding venue dilemma: 'The audacity'

The bride demanded that the venue cancel another wedding reservation.

A man's decision to decline his sister's last-minute request to host her wedding at their family's property has garnered widespread praise on social media.

The story unfolded on Reddit, where the man shared his stance on not cancelling the reservations of another couple who had already booked the venue.

The decision infuriated his 29-year-old sister, who accused him of "ruining HER day" and insisted that he should compel the other couple to cancel their booking.

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A bride has blown up at her brother after sending out invitations for his wedding venue without telling him. Photo: Getty Images

The 25-year-old brother explained that his sister had informed him of the wedding dates only a few months prior, disregarding the fact that the property had already been booked for the same day by another couple.

Seeking opinions on whether he was at fault, the brother took to Reddit's platform and shared their family backstory.

He revealed that at the age of 14, their mother had entrusted them to their grandparents, who happened to be the proprietors of the coveted property.

Detailing further, the Reddit user wrote: "My grandparents owned an amazing property in the mountains that has an amazing view."

It was revealed that following the passing of their grandparents approximately four years ago, the property was specifically bequeathed to the brother. The grandparents believed that he would "appreciate and respect it more" compared to his mother and sister, who received other monetary assets that held greater value for them.


Over the past four years, the brother had successfully transformed a portion of the property into a sought-after wedding venue, aligning with the wishes of their late grandparents.

The highly sought-after venue is usually booked up to eight months in advance. When his sister got engaged a year and a half ago, she expressed interest in using the property for her wedding. The brother agreed, but stressed the need for a prompt wedding date to prevent any conflicts with existing bookings.

The Reddit user highlighted that despite his numerous attempts to obtain a wedding date from his sister, he never received one. However, to his surprise, he received an invitation for the wedding, which explicitly listed the family property as the venue.

"Two weeks ago I got the wedding invitation, stating the property is the location and the date. Which is in September of this year," he shared. "I immediately called her to say that we are booked for that date and can't accommodate her."

Upon discovering that the venue was already reserved, the brother revealed that his mother and other family members became upset and resorted to calling and writing negative reviews about his business.

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The man has been applauded for his decision to honour the original booking. Photo: Getty

He went on to describe how he reached out to his sister to address the situation, explaining that she should have communicated her wedding date to him before sending out the invitations. However, in response, his sibling accused him of "ruining" her special day, adding further tension to the situation.

"She went off on how I am ruining HER day. It is OUR family's property," he shared with the group. "How she already sent out the invitations and couldn't go back now. I should just tell the other couple to cancel (they have been on the books for over a year now, and I actually like them). Family is more important."

Despite suggesting alternative dates around the same time, the man claims his sibling continued to label him as "resentful and an a**hole."

The viral Reddit post has garnered over 21 thousand upvotes and over two thousand comments, sparking a wave of support for the original poster and criticism towards his sister for sending out invitations without confirming the date with the venue.

Commenters expressed their outrage, with one person stating, "Your sister is a giant a**hole for expecting you to cancel another couple's date for... what? Selfish family? She needed to tell you the date and didn't, that's on her."

Another commenter questioned the thoughtlessness of the sister, asking, "Who the f*** sends out invitations for a date before even contacting the venue? It is really as simple as sending an invite for a date without even asking the venue. I just don't understand how people can be so consumed in their own weddings."

"Holy entitlement!" exclaimed another, "I cannot IMAGINE having the audacity! Just wow."

Many users advised the original poster to seek legal counsel and condemned his family for allegedly writing negative reviews about his business. They also suggested hiring security for the other couple's wedding.

"I would suggest getting a lawyer involved before your family causes harm to your business. Send them all cease and desist letters. This is YOUR property and business, do not allow them to discredit it just because they are not getting their way," one person advised. "I'd also put a PSA out that her wedding will not be at your venue. That way, a bunch of people don't show up and ruin this other lovely couple's wedding by causing a scene."

In an update to the post, the original poster mentioned plans to communicate with the couple who have booked the venue for the September date, explaining the situation with his family. He also shared intentions to have a sit-down conversation with his mother and sister, as well as seek legal advice to address the issue.

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