Love Island’s winning couple reveal post-show ‘anxiety’

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Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham have won Love Island Australia season two. Photo: Channel Nine.

There was no-one more surprised when host Sophie Monk announced the winning couple of Love Island Australia season two than the victorious pair themselves, Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham.

In an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle shortly after they took out the title - and a cool $50k cash prize - Anna and Josh admit they ‘didn’t see this happening,’ largely because they were unsure how the voting public would receive them.

“We’re over the moon, it feels surreal, it feels like a dream,” Anna, 27, says.

“We didn’t really see this happening at all, you just don’t know what to expect and you don’t know how to public is perceiving you,” adds Josh, 26, who entered the villa along with his identical twin brother, Luke.

The final three couples in Love Island Australia season two (from left) Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham, Cartiér Surjan and Matthew Zukowski and Cynthia Taylu and Aaron Shaw. Photo: Channel Nine.

The villa’s ‘grandma and grandpa’

The loved-up couple says they expected to go home at every elimination because they assumed the public would be ‘getting bored’ of their stable, drama-less relationship that saw them pair up on day 12.

“We started calling ourselves the grandma and grandpa of the villa, we probably weren’t adding enough spice,” Josh laughs.

But it seems that Anna and Josh, who entered the competition several episodes in, struck a chord.

“I think when I met Josh there was instant chemistry and a spark and I think [viewers] have seen that we’re really genuine and we actually like each other... I guess they’ve just seen our love story unfold,” Anna explains.

“Maybe we weren’t boring!” Josh jokes.

As for the pair Anna and Josh thought would win, their pick was Cartiér Surjan and Matt Zukowski who ended up coming in second place, with Cynthia Taylu and Aaron Shaw in third.

“We thought they had it in the bag,” Anna admits.

Anna and Josh celebrate their win. Photo: Channel Nine.

‘Separation anxiety’

As for their transition from villa life to ‘real’ life, Anna says it a ‘pretty crazy feeling’.

“When we get home we’re going to be spending a lot of time together and we’re just going to do what any normal couple would do like go on dates and just keep progressing,” she adds.

The only snag is that they currently live in different states, with Anna in Melbourne and Josh in Sydney.

“We’ll be flying back [to our respective cities] tomorrow which is a scary thought. We don’t really want to be more than two days away from each other. I’ll get a bit of separation anxiety,” reveals Josh.

The couple plans to ease themselves back into reality by taking a holiday.

“We just really want to get away, just me and Anna, just focus on ourselves with no cameras this time around!” Josh reveals.

Post-vacay, the pair tells Yahoo Lifestyle they plan to shack up together.

“Once the holiday’s done we’re going to go back and forth [between] Melbourne and Sydney and our plans are to have a fresh start and we’re thinking of moving to Queensland together,” Anna says.

Josh snagged $50k but chose his lady love Anna instead of keeping the cash to himself. Photo: Channel Nine.

Josh chooses love, not money

While they may be ready to take things to the next level by living together, Anna admits that Josh doesn’t quite fit her typical ‘type’.

“He’s probably not normally my type, I think he’s too pretty to be my type, he’s got a pretty face,” she giggles, adding that while she was ‘super’ attracted to Josh physically it was his personality that drew her in.

“it was a nice surprise and I couldn’t be happier,” she says, and Josh appears to feel exactly the same way.

He’s so smitten in fact that the option to keep the $50k prize money he won after picking an envelope at random all to himself was never on the table.

“I was never going to walk away with the money, you could’ve added three or four zeroes on the end of it and it never was going to happen,” he explains.

But neither Anna nor Josh will walk away empty handed. Instead, the cash will be shared equally between the two lovebirds.

“We’re going to spend it together,” says Josh.

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