Woman disgusted by filth hidden in her seemingly clean carpet

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TikTok is a treasure trove of gross but oddly satisfying cleaning videos, but this one is raising eyebrows because on the surface, the thing being cleaned is already pretty clean.

When 22-year-old TikTok user cleanqueen_7 decided to pull out the big guns and use a professional carpet cleaner on her home, it wasn’t because her carpet was filthy.

In fact, it looks really well vacuumed and maintained and when she runs a Bissell Spotcleaner over it, so much so that there’s no shocking before and after moment, everything looks almost exactly the same.

That is, until she empties the dirt tank and all the grime hiding within comes pouring out.


“Ew ew ew ew,” she says, and we agree.

The Bissell Spotcleaner is a bit of a cult buy, especially among people with young kids or pets and fabric lounges.

photo of a carpet being cleaned by a bissell spotcleaner with a dirty tank
The carpet is already seemingly clean when she uses the carpet cleaner but its dirt tank says otherwise. Photo: TikTok/cleanqueen_7

It uses water and a strong suction power to suck up dirt and grime from carpets, rugs and fabric couches, and has loads of glowing reviews from Aussie shoppers who would otherwise have called in professional carpet cleaners.

“I love it, it is really good on tough stains,” and “I bought this after we brought home our puppy, it was perfect for the carpet after puppy accidents and to freshen up the lounge,” two people who bought the portable spotcleaner from Bing Lee, said.


“Got Play-Doh out of the stair carpet, so lucky I had bought the spotclean cause I know it wouldn't have been saved if the Play-Doh had dried up. It's pretty much already paid for itself,” another shopper wrote.

bissell cerpet spotcleaner
This compact Bissell Spotcleaner retails from $239, while the larger Turbo model which is what cleanqueen_7 uses in her video, goes for $329. Photo: Bissell

“I used this on our fabric lounge which has copped a lot of milk and juice (from our 3yr old) over the past few months, that I was sick of calling someone to come and professionally clean it. After purchasing the Bissell Spot Clean, I found that it did an amazing job on some areas that had been stained for quite a while,” someone else wrote.

In Australia, you can pick up Bissell’s portable, upholstery and carpet spotcleaner for $239 at Bing Lee or on Amazon Australia, which is good for small jobs around around the house.

To really get into hard carpet stains, Bissell’s Spotclean Turbo Carpet Cleaner retails for $329 on Catch.com.au and comes with six different attachment heads to tackle any trouble spot on your carpet or can ever be used to mop up fresh spills.

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