The Pink Stuff 'miracle' cleaner TikTok loves is on sale for $2.97

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a tub of The Pink Stuff next to a sink
The Pink Stuff is on sale for $2.97 today. Photo: CleanHQ

The internet has a new cleaning obsession and it comes in a tiny pink tub.

Made popular by British cleaning goddess Mrs Hinch, The Pink Stuff, which is on sale on Amazon Prime Day for just $2.97 is a hot pink paste that cleans just about anything off just about any surface, according to its legions of loyal fans.

Ovens, stovetops, showers, sinks, crayon-stained walls, sneakers, tiles, pots and pans; you name it, this stuff can clean it quickly and easily.


TikTok is filled with videos of it in action, with the #thepinkstuff hashtag clocking up over 90 million views, and at just $2.97 a pop, it’s easy to see why it’s always selling out.

“I love this stuff, it works so well,” one person said about The Pink Stuff in a review on Amazon, “I have matte finish walls and I got nail polish, permanent marker, stamp ink and so much more off my walls. Everything else striped the paint except this.”

“Oh my gosh—this stuff is a life-changer!" another person wrote, "Used it to get my fiberglass shower totally clean.”

“Nothing else would get it done and this stuff brought my shower back to near-new in one use. We’ve since cleaned a weird chalky film off our garage door, removed wall markings and cleaned my storm door. We’ll never be without a jar (or three) of this stuff."


Someone else said they were skeptical after seeing it on social media but loved how it cleaned their children’s drawings off their walls, while another person raved about using it on an old Harley Davidson muffler and said, “it took the electrolysis, corrosion and rust off with no effort whatsoever”.

US Yahoo Lifestyle writer Izabella Zaydenberg, quickly became obsessed after testing it out at home.

“I'm a cat owner - which means I have to embrace the reality that weird splotches and stains will appear everywhere in my home,” she says.

“After trying everything, from magic erasers to scrubbers to stain removers that remove everything but the actual stain, I had all but given up. That is, until TikTok oh-so conveniently led me to stumble upon this cleaning solution that promised to help.”

She was impressed with the non-chemical smell of the product, and the size of it as it seems small in the photo but a tub actually weighs 500g.

A tub of The Pink Stuff being held over a stovetop
The #Thepinkstuff hashtag has over 90million video views on TikTok. Photo: Instagram/cleanwithalina

“It takes minimal elbow grease — in just a few minutes, the cat food residue on my walls was gone for good,” she says, “It took a little more time to handle the scratches and paw print stains, but they're gone now too.”

Where to buy The Pink Stuff in Australia

After finding popularity in the UK and US, The Pink Stuff has just arrived on Australian shores and is available on a number of sites for varying prices.

Amazon Australia are currently stocking it for $2.97 on Amazon Prime Day, however you might need to be quick as Amazon regularly sells out of it in overseas markets.

CleanHQ have just launched an AU page and are selling a 500g tub for $6.95, or they do a seven-pack power bundle that includes The Pink Stuff's laundry and bathroom cleaners along with the original tub for $59.95, with Yahoo Lifestyle readers getting $10 off with the discount code 'YAHOOVIP'.

And ebay AU has a 500g tub of The Pink Stuff for $8.90 with free shipping.

Some more laundry deals on sale on Amazon Prime Day

Chux Original Superwipes Blue Perforated Roll: On sale for $12.95 from $10

Cuddly Concentrate Fabric Softener 2L: $6.80 from $15

OMO 5KG Laundry Washing Powder: On sale for $22.29 instead of $30

Duck Fresh Discs Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Dispenser: On sale for $3.20 from $6

Fairy Dishwasher Tablets 20 Pack: On sale for $7.65 from $17

Fairy Dishwasher Tablets 18 Pack
A number of Fairy dishwashing products are on sale

Other cheap cleaning hacks

We love getting the scoop on a great cleaning product or hack, particularly if it's one that doesn't break the bank. Here are a few we've seen recently that are worth sharing:

Dishwashing tablets can work wonders on calcium build ups on shower screens. One woman who has very hard water in her area said she used a Shine Dishwater Tablets from Woolworths - which retail for $4.50 for a 30 pack - to scrub away at her shower screen with great results.

photo of a dirty shower screen tarnished with calcium build up
The woman's shower screen was tarnished with calcium build up that she banished with a dishwashing tablet. Photo: Facebook/Mums who clean

Aussie brand Oz Clean’s ‘Oven Power Cleaning Kit’ do a great job at cleaning grimey oven and BBQ racks.

And Polident denture cleaner tablets will make short work of your dirty tiled floors when the $6 product is diluted in water.

a before and after photo of a dirty oven
An Aldi shopper was stunned with results of an oven cleaner she picked up in-store. Photo: Facebook (supplied)
a before and after photo of dirty tiles
This mum normally mops her floors and had no idea there was so much dirt hidden in her porous tiles until she used Polident denture tablets to scrub it. Photo: Facebook (supplied)

With additional reporting by Izabella Zaydenberg

Some of the links in this article may return revenue to Yahoo Lifestyle Australia. For more shopping content, check out our online shopping page.

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