Clever TikTok hack for cleaning reusable drink bottles

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Everyone who owns an awkwardly shaped drink bottle knows the pain of trying to squish and squeeze your sponge in to try and get it clean.

Well, one genius on TikTok has come up with a brilliant hack to knock time and stress off the whole process.

Instead of bothering with a scrubber or a bottle brush (that always seems to miss that little bit of sediment at the bottom), Melbourne mum-of-two Chantel Mila recommends popping a bit of uncooked rice into your drink bottle.

Unconventional, I know, but then she adds hot water and a touch of dishwashing liquid, and just shakes until clean, saying, “the rice will help scrub the inside of the bottle and leave it perfectly clean”.

To eliminate waste, she recommends drying the rice and putting it aside for next time.

Many of her followers loved the tip saying, “YES THANK YOU” and “super helpful, thanks!”, while someone else said it can also be used to clean out water droppers for pet birds and guinea pigs.

reusable drink bottles australia
Melbourne mum Chantel Mila recommends using rice, water and some dishwashing detergent to clean the hard to reach base of resuable drink bottles. Photo: TikTok/mama_mila_

Others suggested you can get the same result by using salt and ice cubes, and of course, there’s always the less DIY option of using a bottle brush like this one that has a sponge on the end to properly clean out the bottom of your bottles.

Fun reusable drink bottles

Motivational drink bottles have been spiking in popularity with the work from home revolution as the friendly reminders help you keep track of just how much water you’re drinking throughout the day.

This $27 set of two 1L, semi-transparent bottles have time stamp reminders to make sure you’re getting enough fluid over the course of your work day, while others like this $31 one come with motivational prompts to keep you going.

reusable drink bottles with time stamps
Keep an eye on just how much water you're drinking with a time stamped reusable drink bottle. This set of two retails for $27. Photo: Amazon Australia

For a cute insulated bottle, Corkcicle has a fun range of prints on their 475ml bottles, and over at The Iconic, you can currently pick up one of Corkcicle's 750ml bottles for $39.95 instead of the usual $79.95.

S’well also has a good range of insulated bottles with a more modest price tag of between $25 - $45, while Frank Green does ceramic and plastic bottles that you can customise with your own monogram for $55.

set of three printed Corkcicle reusable drink bottles
This cute range of insulated reusable drink bottles from Corkcicle are $79.99 each. Photo: Corkcicle

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