No invite to Bindi's wedding for Steve's dad Bob

 Bindi Irwin, Robert Irwin, Terri Irwin and Steve's father Bob Irwin attend "Steve Irwin Memorial Day" at Australia Zoo on November 15, 2007
Bob Irwin with Bindi, Bob and Terri before he left the zoo, and lost contact with his late son's family. Photo: Getty Images

Steve Irwin’s father has revealed he hasn’t received an invite to his granddaughter Bindi’s impending nuptials, but that he would accept with open arms should one be forthcoming.

Bob Irwin has famously been estranged from his daughter-in-law Terri and grandchildren Robert and Bindi since he left Australia Zoo in the wake of son Steve’s tragic death in 2006.

Bob, who founded the zoo with late wife Lyn in 1970, told the Courier Mail that he has not received an invitation to the wedding, nor does he expect one.

“No, I haven’t had an invite to the wedding and, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t expect to be invited to the wedding,” the wildlife conservationist told the Queensland publication.

Bob Irwin father of Steve Irwin in aviator's at son's funeral
Bob says he doesn't expect an invitation, but would accept one without hesitation. Photo: Getty Images

He added however, that were he to be invited he would accept without hesitation.

Not willing to fan the flames of sensationalist commentary around the estrangement, the grandad expressed his best wishes for the couple, who he says he keeps up to date with through the TV and news, like any other interested Aussie.

Though he hasn’t seen his grandkids in over 10 years, Bob said he sent a letter congratulating the happy couple, and that though he received no reply, he and wife Judy wished them every happiness.

“Much the same as any other parent or grandparent, I would wish (Bindi and Chandler) all the best — which I do — and hope things go really, really well.’’

Divided after Steve Irwin’s death

Bob famously lost contact with his late son’s family after he resigned from Australia Zoo in 2008 over differences of opinion with Terri and his son’s best mate Wes Carrion.

Bindi Irwin, Chandler Powell, Robert Irwin and mum Terri Irwin pose in khaki at camp in bush
Bindi, with fiancé Chandler Powell, Robert and Terri, has reportedly not sent an invitation to her distant grandpa. Photo: Instagram/bindisueirwin

Bindi opened up about the estrangement in 2015, telling New Idea, “When my dad passed away he (Bob) chose to distance himself from everything that dad loved the most.”

“At the moment we’re really just respecting his wishes because he hasn’t had anything to do with us for a long time and he decided his own path,” she continued.

“That’s important so good for him.”

A wedding at the zoo Bob founded

Bindi Irwin and fiancé Chandler Powell pose on their engagement with a koala at Australia Zoo
Bindi and Chandler announced their engagement on bindi's 21st birthday, on the 24th of July. Photo: Instagram/bindisueirwin

Bindi and Chandler announced their engagement in July this year, on Bindi’s 21st birthday.

The couple are planning to televise the lavish ceremony which will take place at Australia Zoo, and Bindi will be accompanied down the aisle by younger brother Robert, named for his estranged grandpa.

If an invitation were to be extended to Bindi’s Aussie grandpa, it would be his first time in the zoo in over a decade.

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