Michelle Bridges slams fitness stars: 'T*** and A** fest'

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Former Biggest Loser star and fitness guru Michelle Bridges has shared her thoughts on the new generation of fitness influencers, and it seems she is far from impressed.

49-year-old Michelle who rose to fame on the back of the blockbuster Biggest Loser series way back in 2007, is renowned for her gruelling workouts and long-terms results and seems to have little time for the more aesthetic focus of many fitness entrepreneurs today.

Michelle Bridges slams 'tits & arse' style fitness
Michelle bridges had some choice words for today's fitness influencers. Photo: Instagram

Michelle told The Daily Telegraph she feels the industry has descended into a ‘t*ts and ar*e’ fest and that the focus seems to be on obtaining a certain look rather than obtaining a level of healthiness.

“I feel like I’m really old in saying that it concerns me and it worries me that my industry is turned into a T&A fest. But nonetheless, that’s where we’re at,” the trainer told the newspaper.

Michelle Bridges poses in active wear
Michelle is concerned about the direction of the fitness industry. Photo: Instagram

“We live in a world in which there’s a lot of imagery out there that relates to getting your six-pack and getting your booty,” she continued, adding the industry would have to start ‘working on that’.

The former TV star was presumably referring to the likes of Queensland fitness queen Tammi Hembrow, who has made a built a successful career off the back of her jaw-dropping figure and workout regimes,

Tammy Hembrow poses poolside in fitness bikini shot
Aussie influencer Tammy Hembrow is a likely subject of Michelle's comments. Photo: Instagram

Tammy boasts a whopping 11.5 million followers on Instagram and has an active-wear line and a fitness app that has made her one of the world’s most popular fitness accounts.

Other influencers renowned across the globe are workout queen Michelle Lewin who is also a fan of showing off her toned figure and gym gains.


Michelle Lewin poses in black bikini showing off muscle gym fitness
Michelle Lewin also encourages her followers to celebrate their gym gains. Photo: Instagram

The Venezuelan gym queen extraordinaire boasts 13.6 million followers and makes an estimated $67,309.00 per social post between Instagram and YouTube.

Another fitness influencer who isn’t afraid of the body-focused posts Michelle warns against is model and fitness wear guru Ana Cheri. who regularly encourages followers to celebrate their fitness wins with revealing snaps.

Fitness influencer Ana Cheri poses in revealing white crop and underwear
Fitfluencer Ana Cheri is one of the world's most successful. Photo: Instagram

Most popular of all however, is Kayla Itsines, who doesn’t seem to quite fit Michelle’s descriptions of today’s fitness landscape, building an empire off the back of easy at-home workouts, and keeping everything focussed on the fitness on her social media.

Michelle warns, however, the photo-focussed influencing world is simply a new iteration of the rampant photoshop and editing that used to spark just heated reactions when magazines, rather than Instagram were fans one-stop-shop for admiring their favourite celebrities.

“Back in the day everybody used to throw their arms in the air about how everything was airbrushed and everything was pulled in and tightened up,” she told the publication, adding that now the conversation has simply shifted to Instagram were intense angles, lighting and filters are used to achieve the same e logic-defying results.

Michelle has recently come back into the public eye after an extended break following her very public drink driving arrest with her five-year-old in the car back in January.

Michelle was pulled over for a roadside breath test where she allegedly returned a positive result and was taken to Waverley Police Station, where she returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.086.

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