Biggest Loser host lashes out after Michelle Bridges drink driving charge

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

The Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester has taken to Instagram with a fiery post after her former colleague Michelle Bridges was charged with mid-range drink driving.

Michelle was a trainer on the reality show from 2007 until 2015 but there is clearly no loved lost between the pair, with Ajay sharing a scathing message for anyone - especially parents - who would drink and drive.

The former Biggest Loser host Ajay has lashed out on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/ajayrochester

Michelle was pulled over on Sunday for a roadside breath test where she allegedly returned a positive result and was taken to Waverley Police Station, where she returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.086.

A five-year-old child was allegedly in the vehicle at the time of the test.

‘Exactly the person I know you to be.’

“To all the parents out there - when we become parents we surrender a part of ourselves to the care and betterment of another human being we chose to bring in to the world,” Ajay wrote on Instagram.

The mum to Kai, who has Asperger syndrome, also spoke about how she has often stopped herself from drinking too much knowing she might have a “midnight dash to the ER”.

“If you have millions of dollars and can afford a driver but choose to endanger the life of your child, then you are exactly the person I know you to be,” she hit out.

“Parents: we don’t need to be perfect but we do need to think what could happen if...... do NOT drink and drive EVER least of all with kids in the car.”

'The Biggest Loser' reality tv show host Ajay Rochester and trainer Michelle Bridges attend Network Ten's 2008 Program Launch. Photo: Getty

While Ajay did not specifically name Michelle in the post, further comments on Instagram added more fuel to the fire.

“And to blame a relationship breakup means not accepting responsibility. She’s using it as an excuse when there is no excuse,” one of her follow up comments read.

She also called out the celebrity personal trainer for fat shaming people.

“Well she’s always been big on publicly shaming fat people,” Ajay wrote. “So she’s put herself in that situation and if we don’t talk about it others may make the same wrong choices. .086 at 11am is not ‘I had a big night last night’. It’s very different! One uber was all it would take!”

Ajay didn't mince her words on Instagram. Photos: Getty/Instagram

Michelle Bridges apologises

The day after her arrest, Michelle Bridges revealed her split from long-term partner Steve ‘Commando’ Willis.

“It has been a very difficult time for me the last few weeks dealing with the break-up of my long-term relationship,” the 49-year-old told The Daily Telegraph.

“This is by no means an excuse for my behaviour but I feel the emotional turmoil I have been going through has impacted my decision making. I am extremely sorry for my actions,” she added.

Before their breakup, Michelle and Commando were together for seven years after meeting as coaches on the now-defunct weight loss TV show, Biggest Loser.

In 2013, the pair went public with their relationship shortly after splitting from their respective partners.

Michelle and Commando sparked marriage rumours with this photo in October 2019. Photo: Instagram/mishbridges

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