Big Brother's Tully devastated after relationship change: 'Heartbroken'

Big Brother star Tully Smyth has shared her vulnerable side with fans after farewelling her long-term boyfriend at the airport.

The star recently announced that she was entering a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend Daniel Parisi after he accepted his "dream job" in the USA.

L: Big Brother star Tully Smyth crying with her hand over her face. R: Tully Smyth and boyfriend Daniel Parisi pose on holiday
Big Brother star Tully Smyth broke down after her boyfriend left Australia. Photo: Instagram/tee_smyth

In an Instagram post on Friday, the podcaster said she was "anxious" about the relationship change, saying that the news was "bittersweet".

On Tuesday, Tully said farewell to the "love of her life", looking forlorn as the couple headed to the airport.


In one of her videos of Daniel walking towards the airport security line, you can hear the influencer sobbing in the background.

“See you soon my love,” she wrote on the story, followed by a broken heart emoji.

L: Daniel Parisi and Tully Smyth looking upset. R: Daniel Parisi at the airport
The star was audibly sobbing as Daniel headed to his gate. Photo: Instagram/tee_smyth

The reality star soon shared a sweet video of the pair on social media, while pouring her heart out in the caption.

“I’ve stayed pretty strong up until this point but I am heartbroken. Watching you walk through those gates and knowing I was driving home alone, going home to an empty house…your side of the bed still warm and smelling like you but empty,” she began.

“Who will force me to eat breakfast? Who will make me a tea? Who will say ‘of course’ when I ask if I can put on my sleep time meditation? Who will kiss me goodnight and good morning?

“I know you’re only a phone call or FaceTime or message away but you’re not here, with me. And you won’t be for a long time. And I don’t know what to do without you.

“Safe travels my love. Go and show America what you’re made of. I love you so much."

Tully Smyth and Daniel Parisi at a Billie Eilish concert in Melbourne
Tully often shares photos of the couple travelling and going to events. Photo: Instagram/tee_smyth

Her celebrity pals have been sending their love on social media, with fellow Big Brother star Estelle Landy writing: “Oh darlings! So bittersweet! I am so happy for you Daniel Parisi, you are indeed a natural! My heart bleeds for you both. Love you Tully.”

“Congratulations to Daniel! You’ve found your partner Tulls and you guys will be fine! I’ve done long-distance now for over four years and we are strong as ever. Love finds a way,” wrote two-time Big Brother winner Reggie Bird.

“You’ve got it darling. It’s been a piece of cake so far for Mads & I — both similar to you both — career driven with your own lives & focuses. When you’re not in each other’s pockets it makes the days go by faster. Love will overcome all the challenges,” wrote Survivor star Sophie Cachia.

“Come home to Sydney and stay with me and mum,” offered Neighbours actress April Rose Pengilly.

“You got an army of people here for you babe!! Sending love,” added model Jess King.

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