Big Brother's Tilly slammed for glue facial and freckle tattoo: 'Imbecile'

Former Big Brother star Tilly Whitfield appeared on Monday night's episode of Todd Sampson's Mirror Mirror, leaving viewers stunned by some of her beauty routine.

The second season of Mirror Mirror explores social media and the effect it has on young people in particular, with Tilly sharing some of the strange TikTok trends she has seen on the app.

Big Brother's Tilly Whitfield
Big Brother's Tilly Whitfield was slammed after she did a glue facial on Mirror Mirror and show the result of a freckle tattoo gone wrong. Photo: Ten

At one point, Tilly tells Todd, "We're gonna do a PVA glue facial," leaving the host shocked.

"Safety directions, avoid contact with skin and eyes," Todd reads aloud from the bottle of glue.

"So, we'll just put it on the skin, not the eyes," Tilly says, despite Todd's clear apprehension.


"You just leave it on for a bit, and it's gonna peel everything off. I'm just gonna put it on the forehead," she says, adding that it feels "quite nice".

"My skin is glowing!" Tilly adds after using a hair dryer to dry the glue, as she begins peeling it off she asks Todd, "Oh my gosh, did half my face come off with it?"

Todd is seemingly too shocked to speak and simply grimaces and nods his head furiously.

Later, Tilly talks Todd through her infamous freckle tattoo fail, which left her face covered in pus-filled sores.

Todd Sampson in Mirror Mirror
Todd Sampson looked on in horror as Tilly peeled the glue off her face. Photo: Ten

"I saw a TikTok viral video on a girl tattooing freckles on her own face at home, and I basically copied her," she tells Todd. "They looked cute. I saw other people liking it. I saw people commenting how well it had worked for them."

"So, of course, I thought I could do it. I mean, I did well in Art at high school. Why can't I tattoo my face?

"They say just go two millimetres in. So, I was just guesstimating what two millimetres was and going [stab stab] everywhere."

Tilly ended up in hospital and even lost vision in one eye after trying the TikTok hack just before she appeared on Big Brother in 2021.

Tilly shocked her followers when she tried to tattoo freckles onto her face after seeing it done on TikTok. Photo: Ten
Tilly shocked her followers when she tried to tattoo freckles onto her face after seeing it done on TikTok. Photo: Ten

She shared on social media that it has cost her "around $10,000" in laser and lightening treatments to reduce the scarring, "which will likely never fade".

Viewers slammed Tilly on social media with one user writing on Twitter, "I really just saw a 'beauty influencer' put GLUE on their face as a facial. Hmm."

"This idiot 'influencer' who just stuck PVA glue to her face and then pricked her skin 'about two millimeters' to give herself tattooed freckles is EVERYTHING wrong with the next generation," another said.

"This influencer…what a complete imbecile," a third added.

"I swear if an app told people to eat glitter, they would," someone else quipped.

Episode two of Mirror Mirror airs tonight on Channel 10 at 7:30pm.

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