Big Brother's Farmer Dave unveils huge transformation: 'So handsome'

EXCLUSIVE: The reality star opens up about the heartbreaking reason behind his new look.

Big Brother fan-favourite David Graham, better known as ‘Farmer Dave’, has undergone a major transformation for an incredible cause. The 44-year-old, who famously came out as gay to his housemates during season six in 2006 and returned for season 14 in 2022, has cut his long locks and shaved his beard to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

His hair will be donated to make a wig for a young person going through cancer treatment, and he hopes to raise enough money to fund the cost of five wigs for five children so they can feel more confident during their battle.

Big Brother's Farmer Dave before and after his hair transformation.
Big Brother’s Farmer Dave has undergone a major hair transformation. Photos: Facebook

Following his transformation last week, fans of the reality star took to social media to compliment his new look.

“You look amazing Dave! What a legend!” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “Wow you look amazing and so handsome. I love the short hair, it really suits”.

“Looking ever so handsome Dave well done to you and your fundraising efforts,” a third shared, while someone else said, “You look like Dr Chris Brown now”.

“It must feel so much lighter without all your lovely hair and clean-shaven. A real energy change well done,” a different user remarked.


Meanwhile, plenty of fans said his haircut and clean-shaven face make him look identical to his first appearance on Big Brother 18 years ago.

“What an amazing transformation! You look so young like your first BB days!” a fan commented, with a different user writing, “Wow you look so like you did in the BB days now! So much younger”.

“That has knocked 20 years off you Dave,” another replied.

Big Brother's Farmer Dave during his hair transformation.
Dave admits it’s ‘weird’ having short hair for the first time in six years. Photos: Facebook

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about his new look, Dave shares that he’s been recognised “way more” in the past week than he did with his longer hair.

“I feel like I look like a little kid,” he laughs. “Apparently I look the same as I did 20 years ago on the TV, so there you go.

“It’s just weird. You catch a glance at yourself when you’re walking past a glass window and I just don’t recognise myself. It’s been six years of having a beard and long hair, so it’ll take a bit more getting used to.”


While Dave admits he has found himself missing his long hair quite a few times over the past week, he’s thrilled to know it’s going to help a child with cancer.

“That hair is going to a really good place to give little kids who want to feel less isolated and less noticed because of their cancer situation,” he says. “It's going to help them get through what I think is the greatest travesty of being human, and that is kids getting cancer.

“Kids deserve a childhood where they can run around and play and just experience the joys of humanity, and instead they’re going to hospitals and many times are alone. It's heartbreaking. So if my hair can be a little blankie for these kids to help them feel less seen when they just want to be a little kid for a time, that’s a great joy.”

You can donate to Dave’s childhood cancer fundraiser here.

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