Big Brother's shock eviction following 'threats'

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Big Brother's Angela Clancy was celebrating on Sunday night after the shock eviction of Talia Rycroft.

Angela chose to put Talia up for eviction alongside Dan Gorringe and Casey Mazzucchelli after the blonde made "threats" against her.

Big Brother's Angela chose to put Talia up for eviction after being threatened by the blonde earlier in the episode. Photo: Seven

During the eviction it was revealed that Talia scored a huge 11 votes, while Daniel received one and Casey received four.

As it was announced that Talia had been voted out, Angela was seen in the diary room looking ecstatic. "I have dethroned the queen. I came, I saw, I conquered," she told the cameras.

One Twitter user called it the "most satisfying episode of [Big Brother] yet".

Many others were also celebrating with some calling Angie the new "queen" and "most likeable" person in the house.

Earlier in the episode, Angela revealed that Talia had made "threats" against her, telling her not to nominate her or Dan.

"I don't do threats. If she wouldn't have told me that if either me or Dan are up for eviction. There will be blood tomorrow. [I may not have nominated her]," Angela told the cameras.

After being nominated, Talia said, "I think everyone in this house knows my number one thing is loyalty. You're loyal to me, I'll be loyal back to you.

"The most upsetting thing is that Angela was maybe trying to save herself today."

Angela said that she nominated her chosen three as a way to disrupt the established 'monarchy' in the house, saying the episode "would have just been very predictable if someone other than me would have won".

Talia made threats to Angela, telling her not to choose her or Dan for eviction. Photo: Seven

She added, "The reason the three people are up there is because they are sitting very comfortable."

"I don't like sitting comfortable."

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