Big Brother 2020: Meet the Housemates

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It’s been over six months since a brand new season of Big Brother Australia was announced — and six years since the show itself appeared on our screens — but the wait is almost over.

With Sonia Kruger in the hosting seat, a fresh format and a swanky custom-built house to boot, Channel 7’s re-envisioning of the iconic reality series is being touted as ‘a whole new game’.

Sonia Kruger will host Big Brother Australia 2020. Photo: Channel 7.

In a departure from previous seasons, network execs are said to have been heavily inspired by the US and Canadian versions of Big Brother which see the housemates pitted against each other in highly physical challenges.

And in an Aussie first, it’s the housemates themselves who will decide who stays and who goes in a Survivor-style ‘tribal council’ so it’s safe to say viewers can expect a lot of alliances, back-stabbing and strategising throughout the six weeks. After all, there’s a $250,000 prize at stake.

Now, it’s time to meet the 20 contestants — including a former AFL player, an ‘80s aerobics icon and a really, really bad driver — competing for this hefty slice of cash.

Allan, 31

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Allan. Photo: Channel 7.

Corporate salesman Allan, from Sydney, NSW has his eyes on the prize and is ready to stir the pot in the Big Brother house. The 31-year-old is determined to become the first Asian Australian to win the competition.

Casey, 25

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Casey. Photo: Channel 7.

Hailing from Kalgoorlie, WA, Casey is happy to call herself a bogan and realises that her fellow housemates might not ‘get her’ right away. Described by her family and friends as ‘hyperactive’ and ‘chaotic’ the 25-year-old accounts administrator also likes to serve up home truths.

Chad, 27

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Chad. Photo: Channel 7.

Tradie-turned-model Chad from Campbelltown, NSW, sees himself as a ‘chill alpha male’ in the Big Brother house — that’s if he gets his full eight-hours sleep. As a single 27-year-old, Chad hasn’t ruled out an on-screen romance but his mum and his toy poodle Buddy always come first.

Danni, 34

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Danni. Photo: Channel 7.

Hoping to bring the ‘real’ to reality TV is mum-of-two Danni, a former hairdresser who now works as a call centre service officer. From Townsville, QLD, Danni says she has the knack of finding out what makes people tick.

Garth, 50

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Garth. Photo: Channel 7.

‘Born showman’ Garth, from Sydney, NSW is ready to make the Big Brother house his stage. Gossipy, fun and a bit naughty, the recruitment agency director, 50, admits he might get carried away with socialising and forget that he’s there to win!

Hannah, 26

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Hannah. Photo: Channel 7.

Footy mad Hannah earned her nickname ‘Bulldozer’ for her take-no-prisoners attitude on and off the AFL field. The communications specialist, 26, lives in Perth, WA and loves food, being positive and her 85-year-old Nonna.

Ian, 25

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Ian. Photo: Channel 7.

Waiter Ian shares a love of geology and fossils with his mum and dad and admits that the Big Brother house is a bit out of his comfort zone. While he’s willing to be strategic, the 25-year-old from Perth, WA refuses to play with others’ feelings to get ahead.

Laura, 25

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Laura. Photo: Channel 7.

After dropping out of school at 17 to become a professional dancer, 25-year-old Laura hasn’t looked back. Vibrant, bold and headstrong, Melbourne-born Laura would use her prize money to invest in her community in Fiji.

Sarah, 19

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Sarah. Photo: Channel 7.

As the youngest Big Brother housemate, 19-year-old Sarah is not to be underestimated. She’s overcome poverty to become a Regimental Sergeant Major with the Australian Army Cadets and is studying her second double degree.

Shane, 39

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Shane. Photo: Channel 7.

With three kids, marriage celebrant Shane is never short of dad jokes and hopes humour will help him win over his housemates. The 39-year-old from Tweed Heads, NSW can’t stand bullying, stupidity — or being hungry.

SooBong, 48

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate SooBong. Photo: Channel 7.

Nicknamed ‘Bart’ — from The Simpsons — by his mates, Korean-born Adelaide-based SooBong is just as cheeky and energetic as his cartoon alter ego. The delivery driver, 48, can’t wait to get into the Big Brother house or as he calls it, his ‘playground’.

Talia, 22

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Talia. Photo: Channel 7.

Talia is all about subverting stereotypes. While she may be young and look like a ‘girly girl’ the 22-year-old from Adelaide, SA is actually a construction worker and bought her first home at 19.

Xavier, 23

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Xavier. Photo: Channel 7.

A surfer boy from Sydney, NSW Xavier is cheeky and chill but also a deep thinker. The 23-year-old paramedic can’t stand ‘fake’ people — but doesn’t mind winding them up.

Mat, 30

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Mat. Photo: Channel 7.

Born and bred country boy Mat works as a mining electrician in Broken Hill, NSW and is engaged to his ‘beautiful fiancée’ Jess. While this outback tradie likes to think he’s a likeable bloke when push comes to shove in the Big Brother house he admits it’ll be a case of ‘kill or be killed’.

Daniel, 27

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Daniel. Photo: Channel 7.

Former professional AFL player Daniel may have been sacked — his words not ours! — by every club he played for but he still reckons he’s got what it takes to win. According to his official Big Brother bio, the 27-year-old from Melbourne, VIC is in a relationship.

Marissa, 61

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Marissa. Photo: Channel 7.

At 61-years-old, Marissa is officially Big Brother’s oldest housemate but the self-professed ‘dark horse’ is not to be underestimated. Hailing from Sydney, NSW Marissa currently works as a makeup artist but was once an ‘80s aerobics icon. Her relationship status is married.

Angela, 37

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Angela. Photo: Channel 7.

Originally from Africa, married mum-of-two Angela now calls Perth, WA home. The feisty events manager admits she’ll do anything to win including ‘sweet-talking’ her fellow contestants before voting them out.

Sophie, 25

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Sophie. Photo: Channel 7.

When her Olympic dreams were dashed due to a horrible injury, former champion gymnast Sophie set her sights on a new goal: starring on Big Brother. The 25-year-old uni student from Darwin, NT is single and says she’s not afraid to use her good looks to her advantage.

Kieran, 21

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Kieran. Photo: Channel 7.

Kieran proudly owns his title of Adelaide’s ‘worst driver’ and has been on his leaner’s permit for over three years. The 21-year-old videographer is single and says his fellow competitors are going to ‘go down like a sack of potatoes’.

Zoe, 39

Big Brother Australia 2020 housemate Zoe. Photo: Channel 7.

Woodwork teacher Zoe from Melbourne, VIC admits she’s ‘about as subtle as a brick in the face’. The 39-year-old shares two kids with her husband.

Where is Big Brother Australia filmed?

With the original Big Brother mansion rotting away at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast after being abandoned six years ago, Channel 7 execs wisely decided to start from scratch in a completely different state.

A brand new luxury home was custom-built in a warehouse at Manly’s North Head on Sydney Harbour for the Big Brother 2020 contestants, complete with cameras and microphones capturing their every move, of course.

The Big Brother house was custom-built in a warehouse in Sydney's Manly. Photo: Channel 7.

From what we’ve seen so far, the housemates’ new digs look pretty sleek and stylish, featuring a swimming pool, gym and — in a fresh twist — a challenges and games room where they’ll battle it out in Ninja Warrior-style obstacle courses.

It’s believed that all episodes excluding the finale were pre-recorded in February and March — filming reportedly began before the COVID-19 pandemic was declared — with the housemates themselves in charge of voting one another out.

The public is expected to have the final say on who will take home the coveted $250k in the finale, however, which will most likely be broadcast live.

A glimpse inside the brand new Big Brother house - complete with a Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course. Photo: Channel 7.

Who is hosting Big Brother Australia?

Sonia Kruger was confirmed as host of the upcoming Big Brother Australia 2020 in February after weeks of speculation. The 61-year-old is the perfect fit to host Channel 7’s revival series having previously headed up three seasons of the show between 2012 and 2014 when it was broadcast on Channel Nine.

Sonia caused a shock in November 2018 when she revealed she was quitting her hosting role on Today Extra after eight years with Nine.

When does Big Brother Australia start?

Mark it in your diaries, folks, as Big Brother Australia officially kicks off 7.30pm Monday, June 8 on Channel 7.

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