Bianca Censori's Disneyland outfit causes outrage over hypocrisy: 'Rules don’t concern them'

Kanye West and his wife are once again ruffling feathers with people pointing out a major double standard.

Kanye West and his Australian wife Bianca Censori are used to people reacting strongly to them and their sartorial choices, with some fans going so far as to express concern for Bianca's welfare as she continues to wear increasingly revealing outfits.

However, in their most recent controversy, people are flooding TikTok with messages expressing irritation around the double standards that make it possible for Bianca to dress 'inappropriately' at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Yep, the pair's recent date at Disneyland had people scratching their heads thanks to Bianca's choice of barely-there attire which would have surely seen us 'normal people' denied entry to the famous theme park.

People took to TikTok to share their anger at the way Bianca Censori was dressed at Disneyland. Credit: TikTok/disneydaywithkelsi
People took to TikTok to share their anger at the way Bianca Censori was dressed at Disneyland. Credit: TikTok/disneydaywithkelsi


In two different videos uploaded to TikTok, Bianca can be seen dressed in a two-toned nude, square-neck top and matching spandex shorts with medical wrap around the soles of her feet and ankles (which many people said would be extremely painful). Meanwhile, Kanye is in a white hoodie, baggy sweatpants, and sneakers.

"My husband had to buy a shirt because they said his tank top was too revealing at Disney," one disgruntled person wrote next to the video. "How is her outfit okay?"

"And that’s not just a little side boob!" someone added.

"Exactly!! That’s bs," another replied. "Why does the dress code not matter for this lady?"

"Rules don’t concern them," someone answered while another aptly said, "The difference is money honey."

The anger over the hypocrisy continued in the comments with someone pointing out, "I know damn well if any of us showed up with no shoes and wrapped like this, we wouldn’t be able to go into Disneyland."

Bianca Censori Credit: Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images
The couple are no stranger to being criticised for their fashion choices. Credit: Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images

Another offered, "Disney should have said she needs shoes and clothes on to enter. Anyone else wouldn’t have been allowed to enter."

Meanwhile, others noted the more practical side of things, reminding fellow TikTok users that it is a requirement that you wear actual shoes - not bandages - to go on any of the rides at the park.


And yet another commenter cut right to the chase writing, "We just got our tits out at Disneyland huh?"

We sure did, buddy. We sure did.

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