Who is Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori and why are people so concerned about her?

Fans have been increasingly more worried about Bianca as she is seen out and about in very revealing outfits.

After Kanye West and Kim Kardashian officially divorced in March 2022, the rapper quickly moved on with several other women, but it was Australian architect and entrepreneur Bianca Censori who appears to have captured 'Ye's heart.

Fans have been increasingly more worried about Bianca as she is seen out and about in very revealing outfits, with some suggesting Kanye is 'controlling' her.

Kanye West with his Australian wife Bianca Censori
Kanye West with his Australian wife Bianca Censori. Photo: Getty

Who is Bianca Censori?

Melbourne-born Bianca is 29 years old and works as an architect and jewellery business owner. Her LinkedIn profile reveals she is the 'Architectural Designer' at Kanye's YEEZY brand, and has been working there since November 2020.

In a since-deleted interview with Hypebeast, Bianca spoke about her upbringing, saying, "As a child I was consistently drawn to creative endeavours, mostly artistic. I always wanted to be a sculptor and to me, architecture is the union of art and pragmatics.

"It is the grandest artistic gesture that we can place onto the earth. I was drawn to it, purely, as a shift in artistic scale."


"As a child, I spent a lot of time with my aunt who would consistently expose me to an array of art, film, and architecture," she continued. "She really drove my love for design and instilled in me an eye for aesthetics that I was able to nurture into adulthood."

Bianca was first publicly linked with Kanye in January last year when they were spotted at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills.

Why are people concerned?

Fans have expressed concern multiple times as Bianca has dressed in very risqué outfits during her time with Kanye. The most recent photos that sparked concern among fans were ones that appeared to show Bianca nude, wearing just a see-through raincoat.

Many fans expressed concern over Bianca's well-being, with one social media user writing, "Somebody rescue this lost woman please! Anybody out there who can help her?"

"Where is her family?" another asked. "She needs rescuing."

"Blink if you need help," a third added.

Some slammed Kanye, suggesting he was "controlling" Bianca through what she wears.

"Major red flags here," one user said. "This is all about him trying to control her and move her away from family, friends and anyone else who could give her some sound advice to drop him while she can."

"He is completely manipulating her," another added.

"It seems he has a history of controlling the women in his life," a third wrote.

Others questioned why Bianca wasn't being arrested for indecent exposure.

Bianca's parents 'distressed' after seeing photos of her in clear raincoat

Bianca's parents are said to be 'distressed' after seeing the photos of her in the clear raincoat.

"Her family and friends are mortified because it just keeps getting worse and worse," an insider told Daily Mail. "Bianca clearly doesn't realize that what she wore isn't only disgusting and setting a bad example, but she is also potentially breaking the law.

Bianca Censori wearing risque outfit
Bianca has been seen on Kanye's Instagram in very risque outfits. Photo: Instagram/kanyewest

"Meanwhile, Kanye is covered up in five layers of clothes and when his wife looked chilly while naked and wrapped in plastic he didn't so much as offer her one of his capes."

"Her parents are so distressed over this because they do not recognize her," they added. "She would not be doing this unless she was being controlled."

Are Kanye and Bianca legally married?

TMZ reported in January last year that Kanye and Bianca had a private wedding-like ceremony but didn't file for a legal marriage certificate straight after. However, Daily Mail later reported that the pair did get a "confidential" marriage license in California on December 20, 2022.

The license was never made public record due to this "confidential" status, but the wedding was held in Palo Alto and officiated by James Mayfield.

Both Bianca and Kanye's full legal names are on the license (Kanye legally changed his name to Ye in October 2021).


"[They] recently had a private ceremony to celebrate their love," a source said at the time.

Kanye has been seen wearing a gold wedding band to symbolise his commitment.

What does Kim Kardashian think of Bianca?

Kim Kardashian hasn't always been the biggest fan of Bianca, with an insider telling Page Six that the reality star "hates" Kanye's new wife.

"Kim hates her," the source said. "She's pretty. And Kim hates pretty girls."

However, another insider later told Entertainment Tonight that Kim is happy as long as whoever is with Kanye is a positive force for him.

"Bianca has been around their kids. Kim, ultimately, just wants Kanye to be at peace," they said. "So if Bianca helps with that, then it’s fine."

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