Bartender goes viral for clever way he protected woman from ‘creep'

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A bartender in Florida has been celebrated online for his clever method to protect a woman from a ‘creepy’ patron.

The woman, Trinity, shared the moment to Twitter to praise the man for being “the type of bartender everyone needs”.

Twitter users are calling a Florida bartender a 'hero' after he defended a woman from a creep. Photo: Getty

“This man was harassing me and my friend and the bartender passed this note to me acting like it was my receipt,” Trinity captioned the tweet.

The photo shows the bartender holding a piece of paper on a clipboard that reads: “If this guy is bothering you, put your ponytail on your other shoulder and I will have him removed. He’s giving me the creeps.”

Trinity went on to explain that the bartender, Max, confronted the man and made him leave.

“He ended up having to literally yell at the guy,” she described in a follow-up tweet.

“He said ‘you need to get the f**k away from these girls who clearly are not interested’ and the dude said ‘that was a little aggressive’ and he said ‘well you’re aggressively hitting on them and you need to leave’.”

viral twitter Bartender with fake 'receipt'.
Trinity says she made the bartender pose for the photo after the creep had left. Photo: Twitter/trinityallie

Max ended up seeing the viral tweet, which currently has over 45k retweets, and shared his side of the story on Reddit.

“It’s something you just pick up from mentor bartenders,” he explained about his actions.

“This guy was giving off weird vibes for quite a while, I kept an eye on him, tried to let the girls tell him no and leave it at that, but he kept pestering them.

“Eventually I kind of yelled at him and made him leave. I honestly don’t like yelling at customers or embarrassing people, but I find it’s one of the best ways to handle creeps.”


Fans online commended Max for his quick thinking skills, calling him a ‘saviour’.

“Not all heroes wear capes, some wear Hawaiian shirts,” one person tweeted.

“This guy is amazing,” another added. “He is the example of caring for strangers simply because it's the right thing to do. Restores my faith in humans!”

Someone else added: “This guy needs a raise and a better position and a few awards.”

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