The Neighbours finale moment that touched fans: 'Heartbreaking'

Neighbours has officially wrapped after 37 years with fan favourite Susan Kennedy closing the Aussie soap with an emotional soliloquy.

The final episode aired on Thursday night and featured some huge moments, with the opening scene showing Susan, played by Jackie Woodburne, noticing For Sale signs outside every Ramsay Street home but her own.

She was emotional as she came to the realisation the neighbours were departing after all these years and life on Ramsay Street would never be the same.

Susan then closed the episode with some parting words, an emotional moment that moved fans.

As the residents celebrated Toadie's wedding to Mel and farewelled neighbours moving on from Ramsay Street, Susan reflected on the years that had passed.

Jackie Woodburne in the final season of Neighbours.
Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) reflects on Ramsay Street's past. Source: Ten

"How do you begin to describe a street? Do you talk about the houses? The bricks and the mortar, the gardens and the trees? Or do you talk about the people? The young, the old and everyone in between," she said.

"Where do you begin with the history? Do you begin with your own or those who came before you?

"When we moved to Ramsay Street, the community was already here. The Ramsays and the Robinsons ... the stories from those early days are legendary! And their legacy still lives on today.

"There have been many families over the years of all shapes and sizes. Some of them unexpected and friends who became like family, whether they were related or not.

"Love has always been a central thing – how many romances were born on this street? Things seldom ran smoothly of course, but they usually worked out in the end.

"I think of all the people who never crossed paths who could have been great friends. And those who kept turning up whether we welcomed them or not."


Susan then says, "The street always has a way of bringing people back", as the scene cuts to returning favourites Charlene Mitchell and Scott Robinson, played by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan.

"Then I think of the people who can't come back. The people gone too soon. How would they look if they were still alive today? If they'd been allowed to reach their potential," Susan added as the camera then panned to the late Madge Bishop (Anne Charleston) and Doug Willis (Terence Donovan) relaxing in the street.

Susan went on to say we had to acknowledge everything and celebrate it all.

"The good, the bad, because all of that makes us who we are. Everyone deserves a place in the history of Ramsay Street ... even those who watched us from afar," she said, seemingly a nod to all the show's fans.

"Together, we have been the perfect blend."

Husband Karl Kennedy, played by Alan Fletcher, interrupted her thoughts as he asked where she went as her mind wandered to the past.

"I was home," she said.

Anne Charleston appears on Neighbours.
Anne Charleston appears on Neighbours as Madge Bishop one final time. Source: Ten

Fans were emotional on Twitter following the monologue which drew a close to the long-running series.

"Oh my actual goodness ... this final Susan monologue over this slow-mo of all the characters (including ones we've lost) ... BEAUTIFUL, HEARTBREAKING, PERFECTION," one wrote.

"I didn’t cry until Susan's monologue at the end. That got me," another said.

"Well I was fine until Susan delivered her final monologue! That gave me all the feels! And then when Scott, Charlene, Mike, Jane, Paul and Harold were all up on the balcony together, well that got me going again too!" a third added.

Neighbours was officially cancelled in March after the network was unable to secure alternative funding following the axing of the series by UK’s Channel 5.

Following the last episode, Neighbours tweeted a finale photo from the set with the caption: "Thanks for loving us, we love you."

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