The Bachelorette's Kurt responds to comparisons to Timm Hanly: 'Little bit crazy'

The Bachelorette's Kurt Herzog broke hearts around Australia on Thursday night when he was eliminated from the show by Brooke Blurton.

Brooke was clearly upset saying goodbye to the 29-year-old and cried as she said goodbye and apologised for sending him home.

The Bachelorette's Kurt Herzog
The Bachelorette's Kurt Herzog had Twitter in tears after he was eliminated on Thursday night. Photo: Ten

"No! Why are you sorry? Don't be sorry, it just didn't work out between us and that's alright," he said. "I wish it was me, but hey, we can still be friends on the outside."

"That's really big of you," Brooke tearfully said.

"Someone in there is going to make you really happy," he said, asking if they can catch up for a coffee once the show is over.


"Aww Kurt is an absolute sweetheart," one viewer tweeted, while another added, "Kurt becoming my favourite in his last 2 minutes of screen time was a real blow."

"Kurt deserved better!" someone else added.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Kurt said watching back the episode was tough, "Yeah, it kind of brought back some memories and feelings of heartache to be honest. Like, you think you're over it and then you watch it back and you're like, 'Oh, yeah, I was pretty involved in this.' And I was pretty into Brooke."

Brooke Blurton and Kurt Herzog
Kurt said he really did like Brooke so was sad they didn't have more of a chance to get to know each other. Photo: Ten

"She's had to make a pretty tough decision and unfortunately I didn't make the cut and it kind of makes you think like, 'F**k, what could I have done differently?'"

He added, "But Brooke's an amazing woman and to see her cry in any circumstance it kind of hits you right in the feels and I just wanted to be there for her and support her and tell her that she's making the right decision."

When asked if he thought they actually would catch up for a coffee, Kurt said, "I'd like to think so! You know, we didn't get a lot of time together but we did share some funny moments. You know, I think I'm the type of guy that doesn't hold grudges or anything like that. So, you know, I'd love to catch up with her and whoever she ends up with. It'd be nice."

Something Kurt quickly became known for when he first appeared on the show was for his resemblance to Timm Hanly, who appeared on Angie Kent's season of the show.

"Did Timm clone himself a Kurt???" one viewer commented on Instagram, to which another replied, "I was thinking the same thing!!!"

Kurt Herzog and Timm Hanly
Kurt revealed what he thinks of all the comparisons to former Bachelorette star Timm Hanly. Photo: Ten

When we brought this up, Kurt laughed, saying, "Yeah, to be honest I knew that was gonna blow up because when he was on [the show], I was getting so many messages like, 'Oh my god, this guy reminds me of you, this guy reminds me of you!' And then I went on the show and then everyone that works on the show was like, 'Oh my god you sound exactly like Timm Hanly, [you have] the same mannerisms, this and that'. And I was like, 'Oh, no!'

"And then when it came out, I knew it was going to kind of go a little bit crazy. So yeah, I mean, he's a good bloke. I don't mind getting compared to him. I think he's funny. I think he's a good looking dude and he's charismatic, but I think I'm probably like the timid version of him like I'm not as out there! But yeah, I don't mind it."

Following his elimination, some fans have been campaigning for Kurt to be the next Bachelor, with the reality star saying he would "probably" say yes if it was ever offered.

"I probably would because you know, I'm the type of person that takes any opportunities that come my way," he said. "I always say yes. And it always works out for the better. And at the end of the day, you know, I'm getting to that age where I do want to settle down, I do want to find someone and you know I've got some younger mates that are going out and not really interested in that, but I always find myself going out and wanting to meet someone and wanting to find a connection with someone.

Bachelorette contestants
Kurt said he'd be keen to be the joint Bachelor with Konrad Bien-Stephens. Photo: Ten

"So it's just the stage of life that I'm at, so you know, if there's something that can speed that process up and I'm all for it!"

Some fans have even requested Kurt and Konrad Bien-Stephens, who was also eliminated on Thursday night, be joint Bachelors similar to sisters Elly and Becky Miles, something Kurt was even keener on.

"That'd be hilarious, I'd be so keen for that!" he said excitedly. "Because Konrad and I got on so well in the mansion. We just kind of had really similar outlooks in life and we just feed off each other and literally we were non-stop laughing the whole time. So to be able to share that experience with someone like him? F**k, it would be pretty funny. I'd have to dial myself in a little bit because I'd be laughing the whole time I reckon. But yeah, that'd be sick, I'd love that it'd be mad."

However, it might not end up happening now that Konrad has confirmed with us that he and Abbie Chatfield are seeing each other and are eager to see how things go.

"We filmed The Bachelorette ages ago, production ended back in August,” he told us. "Brooke and I weren’t meant to be and having said that, Abbie is an amazing girl.

"I’m really, really excited to get to know her and see what the future holds between Abbie and I."

He added, however, that if he did find himself single, he'd "definitely consider" being the Bachelor.

"I think I’d be silly not to if I was approached and single," he revealed.

"I mean, the people at Channel Ten and Warner Brothers, they’re all super invested in the Bachelor or Bachelorette finding that person for them and it ending in a fairytale."

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