Bachelorette: Savage tactic contestants used on Becky and Elly

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The Bachelorettes Elly and Becky Miles have been on a quest for love, but it seems as though the boys in the mansion weren't actually so into the girls.

Not only that, but they would employ savage tactics to avoid spending one-on-one time with the girls according to an inside source.

Elly and Becky Miles on The Bachelorette
A source has revealed that Bachelorette contestants weren't very into Becky and Elly and even tried to avoid the women. Photo: Ten

"The aim of the game is to spend as much time as you can with The Bachelorettes... However this season the boys were trying to do the exact opposite," So Dramatic's Megan Pustetto revealed.

She continued, "Last week I revealed that the boys weren’t into Elly and Becky at all. They thought that Becky was Elly’s mum when they arrived on the carpet, and they didn’t think that either of them are worthy of the prestigious title of Bachelorette."


"The boys just weren’t into them so much so they were actually trying to avoid spending one-on-one time with them.

"One boy dished that they were trying to stay on the show, but they avoided getting one-on-one dates so they didn’t have to kiss them. The guys were constantly complaining, saying, ‘Why did we get stuck with these chicks?’

Pascal gets kicked off The Bachelorette
Pascal, who left the show last week, said, "The girls sucked." Photo: Ten

"It was an open convo in the house and the guys were joking saying that if they got the date card, they would nominate another guy as tribute to go on the date."

Megan spoke to former contestant Pascal, who was booted by the girls last week, and he shared that many of the contestants didn't think that highly of Elly and Becky.

Joe on The Bachelorette Australia
Joe was apparently head over heels for Elly after dating her briefly before the show. Photo: Ten

"The guys’ were really good quality, funny, entertaining, good looking and had good jobs... Most of the guys thought the girls sucked and were vocal about it. I wasn’t the one saying it. The ones who had been saying it the most had left the house, so I was the scapegoat."

Joe, who Elly dated before going on the show, however, was "completely in love" with her according to Megan.

The host revealed that everyone thought Joe was joking when he said he was in love with Elly, but later realised he really was head over heels, going so far as to say, "She was the one that got away."

Damien on the Bachelorette Australia
Damien will reportedly reject Elly during a single date in an upcoming episode. Photo: Ten

We will reportedly see one man reject Elly in an upcoming episode with Meghan being told Damien "wasn't into" her.

"Damien finally gets one-on-one time with Elly, producers set them up for a kiss. They set the scene for it, but he wasn’t into her. So when it came time for the kiss, he turned away and said ‘Nup, sorry not feeling it’ and he rejects Elly," she explained.

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