Bachelorette hopeful booted for 'disgusting' comment hits back

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It’s not a season of the Bachelorette if at least one outspoken individual doesn’t get sliced and diced over a foul comment allegedly made in the shadows.

Last year it was Angie Kent’s mayor from hell trying to pick up crew members, this year it was one forgetful contestant who wasn’t so forgetful he forgot to – allegedly – drop some absolute stinker comments about our beautiful Bachelorette babes.

Becky angry Bachelorette hotter chicks comment Pascal
A 'disgusting' comment had our Bachelorettes seeing red. Photo: Ten

Enter Pascal, who will very soon make his tragic exit.

Pascal raised eyebrows early in the episode when he couldn’t remember Elly’s name, proving having two Bachelorettes is a genius move if only to weed out the unforgivably forgetful men.

Pascal Bachelorette
Pascal went down in a big way on last night's episode. Photo: Ten

“Can I confirm is it Elly or Ally?” Pascal asked a gathering of ‘the boys’.


After confirming himself as a not so hot contender with the idiotic question, Pascal apparently took it a step further, dropping mutinous suggestions in the shadows of the set, far from the prying eyes and ears of cameras and microphones.

It must be said the following accusation has been hotly contested by the moustached man, who took to Instagram this morning to deny the claims.

But not, it turned out, far enough from a fellow contestant who stepped in to out his wicked ways.

Bachelorette contestants watch pascal be booted
Prince Charming swooped in to save the day with a bomshell revelation. Photo: Ten

Come the cocktail party, and a be-pontytailed whistleblower bravely comes forward to out Pascal’s secret comments to Becky.

“I’ll be straight to the point,” Prince Charming said to a baffled Beck. “Pascal has said a few comments that were disrespectful, insulting and very shallow.:

“It infuriated me. It’s disgusting,” he continued, before dropping the final bomb.

“He said, ‘Could they find hotter chicks?’”

Elly Bachelorette angry Pascal comment
Elly was furious upon hearing the 'disrespectful' comment. Photo: Ten

A visibly ticked off Becky verbally confirmed she was, indeed, ticked off and stalked off to find her sister to discuss the fate of the mutineer.

After Elly dubbed the wandering eye a ‘f***ing prick’ they decided to proceed the only way a solid piece of Bachie drama can – to the plank (the limo)!

The sisters confronted the dastardly Pascal, only to be hit with denial and deflection.

Pascal Elly Becky on the Bachelorette
Pascal's reaction went down like a lead balloon with the sisters and fans. Photo: Ten

“Are you just trying to create drama from nowhere?” he asked. “I have said none of those comments.”

Needless to say, Pascal was sent swiftly packing, only to subsequently declare: “I’m going home! Good luck!”

The contestant denied the accusations on screen, calling it ‘utter bullsh**’.

Pascal denies comments

This morning he shared a message to Instagram denying the comments.

“Ahhhh what an edit,” he wrote. “I’m an easy target what can I say, not who I am.”

“Thanks for the experience @channel10au and sorry to the girls if what I apparently said made you feel anything negative, never my intention.”

Fans outraged online

Despite the post, online commentators remain unconvinced, sharing their thoughts on the matter on twitter.

“Pascal: you can't fire me, I quit!” one fan joked.

“This guy has no respect for anyone??? Who found Pascal and decided to put him on tv?!?” another wrote.

One even described his reaction to the girl’s confrontation as ‘mansplaining’ and ‘gaslighting’.

Needless to say, it’s a very spicy dash of drama to what has been a relatively low key season so far, and might signal the show picking up steam in the coming episodes.

The Bachelorette Australia airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm on Network 10.

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