Bachelorette Becky Miles rejected at brutal rose ceremony

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The Bachelorette Australia season premiere left viewers shocked on Wednesday night after one of the suitors turned down Becky Miles at the rose ceremony.

Ab Sow, a 27-year-old filmmaker, was offered a rose by Becky, one of the two Bachelorettes this season alongside sister Elly, but rejected the rose and instead chose to leave the mansion.

Bachelorette becky rejected
Becky was rejected by Ab during the rose ceremony. Photo: Channel 10

“Becky, I'm really sorry. You're absolutely beautiful and unfortunately, I cannot accept this rose,” he said, leaving Becky, 30, clearly stunned and upset.

The other men in the room were shocked with one saying it was an “absolute bombshell”.

Ab and Becky then stepped aside for a private chat where he was able to explain his decision.

bachelorette rose ceremony
Ab told Becky he would not accept the rose. Photo: Channel 10

“I just don't think I'm the right person for you,” he told her.

“It's only right that I'm honest with you right now instead of letting you know down the road.”


While she seemed surprised by the move, Becky handled the situation gracefully.

“I really appreciate your honesty, for stepping up and telling us how you feel,” she said.

bachelorette australia ab sow
Fans praised Ab's honesty. Photo: Channel 10

Fans flocked to Twitter to praise the dancing filmmaker for being honest, though others thought the move was deliberate for some extra publicity.

“Cudos AB. For being honest, that's a first,” one person said.

“Honesty is Key,” another agreed.

One sceptical viewer said: “Does AB think that he is playing the hero? I don't get it.”

While others has clearly become fans of him during his short stint, hoping they hadn't seen the last of him.

“AB better be on BIP if he doesn't score a sister here,” one said.

The Bachelorette Australia continues on Channel 10 Thursday night 7:30pm.

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