Bachelorette star Holly confirms relationship with Millie: ‘I’m stoked!’

While fans of The Bachelorette may have been disappointed to learn earlier this month that contestants Bec Pressing and Carissa Croft are “just very close friends”, it turns out another romance has blossomed among the season seven cast.

Holly Langford, who was eliminated during Wednesday night’s episode, has revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that she and fellow participant Millie Rubio are now a couple.

The Bachelorette's Holly and Millie.
Holly has confirmed that she and Millie are now dating. Photos: Channel Ten

“Millie and I are dating,” Holly confirms. “I’m stoked. She’s so great!

“We were really great friends in the house and we’re both in Sydney so we caught up a couple of times post-production and things developed from there.”

Although there was speculation heading into this history-making season of The Bachelorette that having both male and female contestants could lead to more than one on-screen romance, the 27-year-old insists that “nothing happened in the house”.


“I was very much falling for Brooke and there’s no mental space to think about anyone else,” she details.

“Coming out of the whole experience and having more freedom and headspace, it was just a very natural and easy kind of progression.

“After a few times hanging out, Millie was like, ‘Oh you know, this could be a date if you wanted it to be?’, and I was like ‘Oh, yeah!’ and it kind of snowballed from there, so she’s stuck with me now!”

The Bachelorette's Holly and Millie taking a selfie.
Holly says nothing happened between her and Millie while they were on the show. Photo: Channel Ten

Holly also says that she would definitely be keen for her and Millie - their ship name is “Molly”, in case you were wondering - to join Brooke and her chosen winner on a double date sometime in the near future.

“I’d be open to it! I have wonderful, wonderful opinions and thoughts to say about Brooke and both of her finalists,” she remarks.

Speaking about her elimination on The Bachelorette, Holly describes it as a “very intense night” when she and Brooke realised that they didn’t see eye to eye on a number of topics and had to call it quits.

“Brooke and I had really strong feelings for each other so it was a difficult conversation to be having,” she recalls.

“I wouldn’t change anything. My biggest goal coming in was to just be my authentic self and not pander to anyone and not change my thoughts and opinions just for the sake of it. Honesty is my number one priority and I think I carried myself quite well.”

Bachelorette Brooke and Holly.
Holly describes her final date with Brooke as a ‘very intense night’. Photo: Channel Ten

Despite her run on the show ending in tears, Holly says her Bachelorette journey was much better than she could have ever expected.

“I had the greatest time, I mean, besides that last night where I kind of got my heart broken a little bit,” she admits.

“I have not one bad thing to say about anyone. They’re the most genuine, kind and supportive people and I was just amazed at how well we all got on.

“I couldn't have asked for better people to be going through this alongside and Brooke is amazing. It was such a wonderful experience.”

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