Bachelor's Roxi Kenny on why she really quit the mansion

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It an epic climax to weeks of drama, Bachelor hopeful Roxi Kenny finally had enough on Thursday night’s episode, as she sensationally stormed out of the mansion and the race for Locky Gilbert’s heart.

It appeared her ongoing feud with fellow participant Juliette Hererra had reached breaking point and now the 29-year-old has revealed the real reason she walked.

bachelor roxi kenny storms out of mansion
Roxi sensationally walked out of the mansion. Photo: Channel 10

“There was something said to me off camera that was the straw that broke the camel's back. It hit below the belt,” Roxi told The Courier Mail, adding it was the “one thing” that pushed her over the edge.

“It wasn't a good environment for me anymore.”


Roxi did not divulge exactly what was said, but said Juliette had been “poking and prodding” her all season.

“What you saw on the show, that's just a snippet of the stuff I was experiencing,” she added.

bachelor roxi kenny
Roxi has opened up about what really happened. Photo: Instagram/roxikenny

Things all came to a head during the latest episode after an unsuccessful reunion chat with Locky, in which she mentioned his cocktail party kiss with Bella again.

“Come on Roxi, I thought we’d moved past this. Roxi give me a break,” was Locky’s frustrated response.

“Look, I’ve let that go,” she said, though the Bachelor didn’t believe her: “I don’t think you have!”

As Roxi leaves the conversation she then crosses paths with Juliette which sees her spiral, shouting “I’ve had enough” at the camera.

“I’ll f**k off! I’ll f**k off! Go f**k myself! F**k off, get the cameras out of my face. Get me out,” she shouts, forcing a producer to intervene.

“You need to calm down, Rox,” the production staff member said.

“Juliette just pokes and pokes and pokes and she f**king wins. I just wanna go home. Pack my bag, I’m done,” is all Roxi can say.

roxi kenny upset on the bachelor
Producers had to try and calm Roxi down. Photo: Channel 10

And that’s exactly what she does, packing her suitcase and walking out of the mansion without even saying goodbye to Locky.

In one final stuff-you moment she turns to the mansion and shouts “F**k you, Juliette! Skank!” before ‘waving’ goodbye with her middle finger.

Fan of the show were quick to jump online to praise Roxy for standing up for herself.

“Stoked for you that you chose your own happiness over petty drama,” one person commented on her Instagram.

“Juliette is the bloody worst. Good on you for taking your power in your hands. Go girl,” another wrote.

Others, however, others were quick to defend Juliette, purely going off what they had seen on screens.

“Why is everyone still trying to make Juliette the villain, urg I’m sick!” was one comment on Twitter.

“I actually love Juliette. She’s just living her best life and not putting up with Roxi’s bulls***,” another wrote.

“Love Juliette’s emotional intelligence and awareness,” was another comment.

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