The Bachelor fans left fuming over 'exhausting' show format

Sarah Carty
·Features & Style Editor
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It’s one of the biggest reality shows in Australia, with thousands of people invested in seeing former Survivor star Locky Gilbert find love on The Bachelor.

However, after last night’s episode, many fans took to Twitter to complain, after being left fuming over the fact that the episode was yet again one long cocktail party, right up until the end, when Locky took nurse Irena on a date.

Locky Gilbert on The Bachelor
Locky Gilbert's quest for love is anything but smooth sailing. Photo: Channel 10

Right from the get go, fans were plunged into a cocktail party, with all the bachelorettes sipping on champagne as they vied for Locky’s attention.

Drama went down between Juliette, Roxi and Areeba, which was never fully explained to the audience and left everyone at home scratching their heads as to what actually happened in the mansion.


It didn’t take long for angry viewers to express their outrage at the format, with the show even throwing in a curveball rose ceremony in the middle of the episode just to confuse fans even more.

The bachelorettes on The bachelor 2020
Fans are outraged over the format of this year's shows. Photo: Channel 10

“Are they dragging out cocktail parties for entire episodes because they have no actual content because of covid shutdown or what? When did we last even see a date. This season is exhausting,” one person wrote.

“I’m usually the biggest fan of The Bachelor but these last couple eps have been a huge s***show, super disappointed in it. None of it makes sense and they’re dragging out unnecessary s***. Big yawn,” another said.

“I bet there wasn’t enough drama this season they had to cut running time to one hour and make whole episodes out of cocktail parties,” a fan of the show said.

Others were shocked that they stuck a rose ceremony in the middle of the episode, calling it “stupid”, with one person asking: “Are we really watching a one hour long pre-rose/fight for Locky ceremony? Yeah nice one ch.10”

Georgia Love tweets about The Bachelor
Even Georgia Love was wondering where Locky was last night. Photo: Twitter/Georgia Love

“Is this going to be how #TheBachelorAu is going to be all season? One rose ceremony a week and an entire episode dedicated to a cocktail party? I don’t like it? Would rather just see dates?,” another person wrote.

Former Bachelorette Georgia Love even weighed in on the conversation, asking: Is this episode.”

She also made a dig at the bachelorettes all crying over Locky giving other girls attention during the show, saying:” It’s quite amazing the casting team managed to find so many girls who’ve seemingly never seen nor heard of the concept of this show before??”

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