The Bachelor's Matt Agnew and Chelsie Mcleod split six weeks after finale

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Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod have split. Photo: Network 10
Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod have split. Photo: Network 10

The Bachelor stars Matt Agnew and Chelsie Mcleod have announced their relationship is over—just six weeks after we watched them declare their love for each other in the series finale.

The shock news was revealed on the pair’s respective Instagram accounts and follows near-constant rumours about whether their union would go the distance.

It’s (amicably) over

“Our relationship hasn't translated from filming to the real, every day world as we had hoped,” Matt told followers on Sunday afternoon.

“Chels and I have made some beautiful memories together that I’ll always cherish, and I wish her nothing but the absolute best.

“I want her to find the happiness she deserves. For those who may wonder if there’s someone else for me right now, there absolutely is not. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just life.”

In her own emotional post, Chelsie echoed Matt’s amicable sentiment, telling followers he “showed me what it was like to be respected in a relationship and I am so thankful for that.”

“However, it saddens me to say that we are no longer together. I wish him nothing but the best. I’m sorry to those that were invested in our relationship.”

Fairytale romance

The self-confessed ‘nerdy’ duo stole Australia’s collective heart during this year’s season with Matt calling his winner the ‘perfect woman’ during an emotional finale.

“Chelsie I love you,” he gushed.

“What?” a stunned Chelsie replied, before admitting, “Thank God!”

“You make me want to believe in fairytales because when I’m with you I feel like I’m living one,” a beaming Matt went on to say.

He then presented his lady love with a ring “to mark the occasion,” which he slipped on Chelsie’s middle finder.

Over soon after it began

However, soon after the final episode—which was filmed six months ago—rumours about the Melbourne-based couple’s relationship began to swirl.

Some speculated Matt had pulled a Blake Garvey, and while he may have initially picked Chelsie as the winner, he later dumped her to move on with another one of the contestants.

Matt and Chelsie bonded quickly during The Bachelor filming. Photo: Network 10
Matt and Chelsie bonded quickly during The Bachelor filming. Photo: Network 10

But Channel 10 were quick to put those mumblings to bed, with a cute video of the astrophysicist and 28-year-old chemical engineer, Chelsie, looking more loved-up than ever.

“For those asking if Matt and Chelsie are still together, here's a little video they filmed today, just for you,” the video posted on Channel 10’s official Twitter account read.

“Obviously I picked Chelsie and we couldn’t be happier about being out on the world together without having to hide it all,” Matt said in the clip, while Chelsie agreed, saying she couldn’t wait for them to be able to do ‘normal’ things together.

Alas, despite the likeable pair’s best intentions, it appears their love was not to last once the cameras stopped rolling.

Abbie speaks out

Runner up Abbie took to Instagram herself on Monday to clear the air after some people began blaming her for the split, saying she’s actually great friends with Chelsie and wants nothing to do with the narrative those people are trying to create.

Abbie Chatfield pictured on Instagram
Abbie Chatfield has come out to clarify that she had absolutely nothing to do with Matt and Chelsie's split. Photo: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

“Some of you are saying it’s ‘my shot’, others are saying that he’s done a Blake Garvey. None of this is fair on Chelsie, Matt or me,” Abbie started on her Instagram stories.

“My contact with Matt ended when I walked away from him at finale and I am good friends with Chelsie and love her very much.”

Abbie went on to call the comments ‘unnecessary’ and said they aren’t helping anyone.

“I have nothing to do with their relationship or their breakup, so I’d appreciate it if I was left our of the conversation. Matt and Chels are great humans and I want them both to be happy.”

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