SAS Australia's Anna Heinrich breaks down in tears: 'Don’t want to give up'

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While many celebrity choose to go on reality shows that show them at their best, there is no denying that SAS Australia challenges them both physically and mentally.

In the unforgiving terrain, they eat, sleep and train together in punishing conditions, with no allowances or exceptions made for their celebrity status or gender.

Tim Robards, Anna Heinrich and infant daughter Elle pose in front of the water
TV personality Anna Heinrich with husband Tim Robards and daughter Elle. Photo: Instagram/@annaheinrich1

Many personalities choose to go on the show but at the first sign of hardship, pull the pin. However, original The Bachelor winner Anna Heinrich is determined to see it through.

The mum of one is taking part in the latest SAS Australia season, hell bent on rising to the challenge and showing the public she has the resilience and grit to make it with the toughest if them all, an SAS recruit.


And it certainly looks like she gives it a pretty good shot judging by the sneak peek of Anna in the upcoming season.

Anna is seen being set on fire, trying to escape a car boot and jumping from a speeding boat into a helicopter to show Australia what she’s made of.

Anna Heinrich is seen in a protective suit running through the bush with her back on fire for channel 7 TV program SAS Australia
Anna looks pretty calm as she runs while on fire in a challenge for SAS Australia. Photo: Seven Network

“I don’t think the public will think I will go very far in this,” she says. “I want to prove them wrong.”

But it certainly isn't plain sailing for the former lawyer. Anna is seen fighting back tears in one clip on the promo.

The mum breaks down watching a clip of husband Tim Robards with their 14-month-old daughter Elle as she reveals the one thing she wants to give to her daughter.

Anna Heinrich holding back tears watching a video message from Tim Robards and daughter Elle on SAS Australia.
Anna Heinrich breaks down when she gets a video message from hubby Tim with daughter Elle on SAS Australia. Photo: Seven Network

“If I tell her that she can do something, I want to believe it in myself,” she says.

“I would love to say I can do it. I don’t want to give up.”

Anna is joined this season by AFL great Barry Hall, retired NRL star Darius Boyd, professional boxer Ebanie Bridges, rugby 7s Olympian Ellia Green, Olympic swimming legend Geoff Huegill, fellow reality TV Star Locky Gilbert, Singer and Actor Melissa Tkautz, Olympic diver Melissa Wu, professional boxer Michael Zerafa, NRLW player Millie Boyle, actor Orpheus Pledger, comedian Pauly Fenech, motorsports presenter Riana Crehan, convicted drug dealer Richard Buttrose, model Simone Holtznagel, and AFL commentator Wayne Carey.

But who will have the mental and physical strength to go through the extreme physical endurance, sleep deprivation, interrogation and psychological testing and tough it out to the end?

SAS Australia, starts February on 7 & 7plus

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