Channel 10 releases first look at Brooke Blurton on The Bachelorette

With Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston having their fairytale ending on Thursday night’s emotional finale of The Bachelor, it’s almost time for Australians to get invested in another love story.

Channel 10 have shared the first glimpse at the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, starring 26-year-old Brooke Blurton.

Brooke Blurton on The Bachelorette
Channel 10 have released the first look at Brooke Blurton on The Bachelorette. Photo: Channel 10

The new teaser shows Brooke looking very nervous on the red carpet as a car pulls up with her first contestant.

Unlike past seasons where the leading lady wears either a red or light-coloured dress for the premiere episode, the youth worker has opted for a sparkling black gown.


“I absolutely think it could be a beautiful love story,” she declares in the voice over.

While the series normally airs immediately after The Bachelor, the upcoming season is instead ‘coming soon’ to Channel 10.

After failing to find love on The Bachelor with the Honey Badger and again on season two of Bachelor In Paradise, Brooke is set to make history as the first-ever pansexual Bachelorette and the series’ first Indigenous lead.

“I am so ready for this,” she said alongside the announcement in May. “I’ve done it twice before and now, having the opportunity to choose my person and who I want in my life, is a truly unique and special experience.”

Production put out a casting call for both men and women aged 23-35, with filming kicking off in June.

Fans of the show have shared their excitement for the upcoming season, with many saying that they can’t wait to see both male and female contestants competing for Brooke’s heart.

“I bet the ratings will be good for this one,” one person wrote.

“Guys and girls in the mansion, maybe more than just one hook up? Should be interesting,” another added.

"Anything will be better than The Bachelor this year,” someone else shared.

Bachelorette star Brooke Blurton.
Fans are excited to watch Brooke’s love story play out on TV later this year. Photo: Channel 10

While Brooke was in Sydney filming the series, she, unfortunately, learnt the tragic news that her sister had passed away.

Brooke shared a statement to her Instagram story explaining that she would be travelling back to Perth to mourn with her family.

Earlier this week she opened up to her fans on social media about how she was coping with the news, admitting that she was close to a ‘nervous breakdown’.

“If I’ve not already been on an emotional rollercoaster for the last ten weeks, on top of then organising your sister’s funeral, it’s f**ked,” she said on Tuesday

“I’m probably like one trigger away from a f**king nervous breakdown, but we all good.”

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