Bachelor's Jimmy reveals awkward X-rated moment: 'What is that?'

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In just a few days time, Jimmy Nicholson will enter the Bachelor mansion to find the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

And while the Bondi man has been unlucky in love up until now, with a plethora of awkward dates to his name, he revealed to Matty J and Laura on the Life Uncut podcast that one of his most embarrassing stories actually happened when he was a teenager at home.

Jimmy Nicholson in the cockpit
Jimmy Nicholson has opened up about his most embarassing story. Photo: Instagram/Jimmy Nicholson

Appearing in an interview with the former Bachie couple on Laura’s podcast, Jimmy revealed his most cringeworthy story, saying: “I’m still trying to defend myself on this one until this day”.

Jimmy set up the scene, revealing he was about 14 years old when it happened and he was getting ready to go to his first party, where the theme was “pimps and hoes” and he wasn’t sure what to wear.


The Bachelor said his family is “very modern” and his dad does all the washing and cleaning.

On this particular day, his dad was hanging the clothes out on the line while Jimmy was inside searching the computer for ‘pimps and hoes’.

“As I searched on Google a website popped up, you know back in the day where you clicked on one link and suddenly the pop-up filled the screen. Suddenly my computer screen was filled with the most heavy porn to see as a 14-year-old and some acts I didn’t even think existed at that age,” Jimmy explained.

“As that all popped up, dad came in from outside.”

Jimmy Nicholson standing in front of a plane
Jimmy said he's still trying to defend himself years later. Photo: Instagram/Jimmy Nicholson

Jimmy said his father looked shocked and asked “what is that?”

“It was so awkward because he obviously thought I was having some special Jimmy time.

“Under normal circumstances if it was normal porn, he could probably be like, ‘ok that’s acceptable, he’s young, exploring’ but this is really full-on stuff.

“So I spent years and years defending myself and I still think I’m defending myself to this day that I actually wasn’t searching for that stuff.”

Laura and Matty J were in stitches over Jimmy’s story, but wanted to know the ins and outs of his time in the Bachelor mansion.

While Jimmy told the couple that he’s blissfully in love now, there may be one or two episodes that he won’t want his lady love to watch.

Jimmy said he didn’t realise that the show would be cut the way it was, which includes editing a few days into one episode,

“I think one of the episodes I kissed three people, but it’s not like you’re kissing three people in one day.” he said.

Jimmy told Yahoo Lifestyle earlier this week that he has found love on the show and is excited for him and his ‘chosen one’ to watch their journey play out on screen.

“I’m really, really happy to say that we are genuinely in love,” he said.

Jimmy Nicholson shirtless on a walk in Sydney
The Bondi man has found love in the Bachelor mansion. Photo: Instagram/Jimmy Nicholson

Speaking about his chosen lady, Jimmy says that she definitely made a strong impression on him at the start of filming which progressed throughout the show.

“I don't necessarily believe in love at first sight,” he confesses.

“I think lust at first sight exists where you find someone really attractive, and that's really important, but if you're looking at someone who you actually want to end up with as a partner, there are so many other levels you need to be compatible on for it to work.

“I definitely noticed her early on, but towards the end I knew she was the one for me. And since we finished filming and having spent a fair bit of time with her in secret, it’s really confirmed that for me as well.

“I think that's the true test; when you get out, cameras are off and you see what you’re like with each other. She’s amazing and we're both really, really happy.”

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