Bachelor in Paradise: Concerns for Jamie after 'next level' meltdown

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Bachelor in Paradise's Jamie Doran sparked some concern amongst viewers on Wednesday night, when he dramatically decide to quit the reality show because he thought his ‘best friend’ Timm had already left.

The 40-year-old could be seen crying and pleading with Timm Hanly, who said he wanted to leave the show after a dramatic Bula Banquet, before then deciding he was going home himself.

Jamie Doran on bachelor in paradise
Jamie Doran sparked some concern among viewers on Wednesday night. Photo: Channel Ten

“You are not going! You’re not f**king leaving,” Jamie said, as Timm shoved some clothes into his bag.

Jamie then called on Brittany Hockley- who is currently spending time with Timm on the show - to try and convince him to stay, only to think she has failed when he returned to the room to find it void of Timm.

Timm was in fact in Brittany’s room having a heart-to-heart, but Jamie assumed his friend has left and decided that was the end for him as well.

“I’m going home. F**k this place. I have to stand by my mate,” he said, packing his bags and storming out of the resort.

bachelor in paradise jamie packing bags
Jamie packed his bags and was ready to go home. Photo: Channel Ten

Producers scrambled and chased Jamie through the dark to tell him Timm hadn’t actually left.

“The most embarrassing part of the whole thing was walking back into Paradise … returning with all my luggage,” Jamie could be heard saying.

Throughout the whole ordeal, fellow cast members seem to be enjoying a good laugh, with voice over after voice over mocking Jamie for his reaction.


But fans of the show weren’t impressed with how Jamie’s meltdown was handled, with some even calling it ‘cruel’ to air for ratings.

“Jamie having a full blown breakdown over Timm leaving is next LEVEL,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I get you can argue Jamie was clingy in Angies series. However, he clearly is going through something and since when was that okay to make fun of someone who is showing signs of having amendment issues,” another person said.

“Whatever is going on with Jamie on Bachelor In Paradise shouldn’t be so publicly displayed... It’s almost cruelty for ratings,” another agreed.

While a fourth asked: “Does anyone else get the vibe that Jamie is actually just desperately seeking male friendships?”

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

And plenty of viewers called out the other participants for making fun of Jamie during the episode.

“Noooo why are they laughing at Jamie???? He clearly needs help,” one person said.

“Bit of a joke seeing all the people poke fun at Jamie for crying,” was another reaction.

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