Bachelor stars Holly and Steph reignite feud on Instagram: ‘Awkward’

They famously didn’t get along on-screen, with the C-bomb saga and dinner party drama to prove it, and now The Bachelor stars Holly Kingston and Stephanie Lynch have reignited their TV feud on social media.

Holly and her partner Jimmy Nicholson both took to Instagram on Thursday night to answer “spicy” fan questions, where they said “nothing’s off-limits” and there is “no filter”.

Bachelor's Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson.
Bachelor couple Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson did a ‘spicy’ Q&A on Thursday night. Photo: Instagram/hollykingston

The first question the pair answered - which Jimmy admitted was a “heavy” one - was: “Did you know what the mean girls were like filming or did you see it for the first time watching?”

“I certainly knew what they were like during filming,” Holly responded.

“Yeah, I didn’t,” Jimmy added. “Some of them I figured it out, especially one of them I asked to leave and quite happy to never see that girl again.

“She’s proven to be not a nice person and that’s just not during the show, that’s afterwards as well, just continuous crap.”


Holly then jumped in and said that she and Jimmy have “tried to stay very neutral” post-show and instead focus on their relationship, but “schoolyard antics” have continued to take place.

“Not only did I come out of this with a lot of trauma from the stuff that I went through and just being bullied and picked on by not just one, but multiple girls ganging up,” she claimed, followed by Jimmy who remarked, “A little group of villains”.

“But the things that we were sent after the show,” she continued. “30 screenshots of WhatsApp messages of these girls trashing both of us, but not just our personalities but our looks. It was horrible.”

Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson's Instagram stories.
Holly said that she left The Bachelor experience ‘with a lot of trauma’. Photos: Instagram/jimmynicholson

A follow-up question asked the reality TV couple “Why were some of the girls so rude on the show towards Holly”, to which she replied, “Because they didn’t know me”.

“I honestly do not get it,” Jimmy answered. “Holly is the most beautiful soul. I’ve lived with her for over six months and these girls are still carrying on to this day, so they just don’t know her.

It didn’t take long for Steph, who the pair were undoubtedly referring to because she was the only contestant Jimmy asked to leave during a cocktail party, to post on her own Instagram Story responding to the explosive claims.

“So exhausted from all the bullying I did in the mansion,” she sarcastically captioned one snap. “Just ask my 20 friends xx.”

“Well shit, it’s gonna be awkward when the So Dramatic! pod drops lmao,” she added, teasing an upcoming podcast episode about her time in the mansion.

Stephanie Lynch's Instagram stories.
Steph joked that she was ‘exhausted’ from bullying people in the mansion. Photo: Instagram/ssgl

Bachelor star Laura O’Loughlin, who previously did a tell-all interview with Yahoo Lifestyle following her elimination from the show, then shared a post on social media commenting on Holly and Jimmy’s Q&A.

“So weird because Warner Brothers were never called in to give an anti-bullying talk because of anything STEPH said,” she claimed.

“I’d love to see your private WhatsApp group chats! I’m sure you’ve only ever said lovely things about the rest of us.”

Fellow season nine contestants Sierah Swepstone and Stevie Grey also took to Instagram to defend Steph.

“Steph is one of the most genuine, caring and down to earth people I have ever met,” Sierah wrote, while Stevie said, “Steph was my ride or die in the mansion and a friend I will have forever!”.

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