What really happened the night Bachelor Matt sent Monique home

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
Last night Matt Agnew sent Monique Morley home on The Bachelor. Photo: Channel Ten

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was probably the most explosive we’ve seen this season, with Matt Agnew asking Monique Morley to leave before the rose ceremony.

Now 26-year-old Monique has revealed what viewers didn’t see go down at the dramatic cocktail party, after Matt addressed Abbie’s claims that Monique called him a ‘dog c***’ and ‘disrespectful pig’.

While Matt and Monique’s intense talk spanned over five minutes on screen, the lingerie designer reveals their actual conversation went much longer.

“It was a really long conversation,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We were going around in circles.

“I wasn’t saying what he wanted me to say. At the end of the day I was there knowing I’d stayed true to myself, so I’d rather look like a bit of a fool on TV than make it all better by lying.

Monique Morley explains what happened behind the scenes. Photo: Channel Ten

Surrounded by camera crews and producers put extra pressure on the pair to come to an agreement, and Monique says it wasn’t easy to achieve that in such a controlled environment.

“It was [hard],” she admits. “I knew what he wanted me to say and I was not going to lie. I need to stay true to myself and if he can’t see that, then I’m not your cup of tea and you’re not mine.”

The tension all came to a head during last night’s episode, after Abbie told Matt a day earlier that Monique had spoken unfavourably of him, using a series of profanities.

Monique says she was disappointed in Matt, but not just because of his smooch fest with Abbie.

“The reason why I was so mad wasn’t because there was a kiss but there were a lot of women in the house that felt less worthy because Matt wasn’t giving them time at the cocktail party,” she explains.

Monique didn't get a chance to say bye to the other contestants. Photo: Channel Ten

“There was a debate by the pool and I was mediating it all.

“We had a chat and I just said to the girls we’re going to have to agree to disagree and then Rachael and I moved aside and we started having our own conversation.

“Yes there was language used. Did I say that sentence? I’m not going to admit that I did because I didn’t. Yes, I do swear but I never spoke about Matt to the girls in a serious manner calling him all of those things.”

The Bachelor Australia continues next Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.

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