Hilarious reactions to The Bachelor's C-bomb scandal

Penny Burfitt
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An alleged c-bomb rocked the Bachelor mansion last night. Photo: Ten

The Bachelor got very spicy, very quickly last night, thanks to a bombshell profanity that took the nation by storm, and set a new record for amount of time ‘dog c**t’ has been dropped on primetime television.

The filthy phrase might seem at odds with the rose and cocktail dress vibe of The Bachelor, but it was the clear star of last night’s dramatic episode - ruining a cocktail party, fraying nerves and creating a cacophony of beeping sounds that will haunt the hallowed mansion’s halls for seasons to come.

The drama

It all unfolded when front runner, Abbie, paused a hot spa make-out to tell Matt that another contestant Monique had allegedly called him a ‘dog c**t’, and a disrespectful pig.

With the mood well and truly killed, Matt went into overdrive to get to the bottom of the scandal, prompting a fun she-said, she-said that ruined the cocktail party and saw Monique almost lose her place in a tense rose ceremony.

More entertaining than the drama-filled episode however, was the hilarious reactions to the bizarre scandal online.

Celebrities and casual viewers alike flooded Twitter with their hilarious takes on ‘dog-gate’.

The reactions

Matt may have been disappointed, but the nation was loving the spiciest episode yet. Photo: Ten

The series host, Osher, kicked it off with a nod to the sound engineers, who made the whole thing possible.

Dog expert, Dr Chris Brown, also weighed in on the canine-centric controversy.

Others had noise complaints to voice over the incessant bleeping peppered into the episode.

At least one dubbed ‘dog c*nt’ the new phrase of choice for the show.

Others had nothing but love for the greatest Australian twist on the dating show one could possibly imagine.

Others gave an artists rendition of the incident.

And some were in a state of shock.

Most however, were simply filled with national pride at going where no other version of The Bachelor has gone before.

Honestly at this point the truth of the allegation has been outshone by the number of times the words was dropped on camera.

Matt may have walked out, but his investigation gave us the gift we didn’t know we needed.

The Bachelor Australia continues on Thursday at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.

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