$40k 'hairball' wedding dress roasted online

A wedding dress has become the subject of a heated debate online, and it looks like the naysayers are winning the day.

Opting for a non-white option on your wedding day may be an edgy, avant-garde option, but as one bride learned, it’s wise to beware the pitfalls of an alternative colour choice.

A $40,000 ballgown from designer label Marchesa, the gown was apparently used as a wedding dress to the horror of one woman who shared it to a Facebook group where unusual wedding details are routinely poked fun at.

Image of Marchessa $40,000 ballgown turned 'hairball' wedding dress
The dress retails at a cool $40,000 online. Photo: Facebook

Dress slammed as walking ‘duster’

The unusual, floating grey number may be high fashion, but that didn’t save it from a few low blows from witty, if savage, critics over it’s unfortunate resemblance to a number of unsavoury items.

A feather duster with yellow handle
Many unfavourable compared the designer gown to a common household duster. photo: Getty images

“Color = dirty dishwater,” one person wrote.

“I thought this was a weird, dirty broom,” another confessed.

Many found the dress conjured an instant, unpleasant association in their minds.

“That's a hairball,” one person declared decisively.

“I love it,” one woman confessed. “But I can't afford that much for a duster.”

“Is that a used Swiffer duster?” another parrotted.

Yet another pointed out that at the very least, the drerss comes with a handy secondary function.

“So you can dust the aisle while [you] walk,” they pointed out.

Others labelled it ‘corpse bride couture’, an ‘old teddy bear’, and even likened it to their own cat’s belly.

Some defend the dress as ‘really nice’

It wasn’t all negative however.

Many liked the gown, though as a wedding dress, and at it’s price-point, very few could get wholeheartedly behind it.n

“I like it, but not as a wedding dress,” one woman conceded.

“I actually really like this,” agreed another.

“Make it black, I actually like it,” another shared.

It’s certainly not the first wedding attire to turn heads and tummies online.

A sister-in-law who opted for a bra-less shirt and white skirt at a recent wedding was slammed online, while last year’s risqué naked dress trend found itself the subject of heated debate.

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