Bunnings shopper praised online for ‘genius’ hack: ‘So simple’

It's part of the great Australian dream to have a Pinterest-worthy garden for entertaining, however, sought-after items can often cost hundreds of dollars, quickly blowing your budget.

Luckily, clever people share their hacks on social media, including one Sydney mum.

First photo: At left, a white ceramic planter filled with plants; at right, a black compost bin without lid. Centre photo: The bin has been turned upside down, painted white and a smaller pot placed inside. Third photo: The pot has a large monstera deliciosa planted inside, surrounded by mulch. It looks like an expensive concrete moulded pot and sits on a wooden deck.
This ingenious hack transformed a Bunnings compost bin into an attractive planter. Photos: Facebook

"If you’re like me and struggle with the thought of paying hundreds of dollars for an oversized planter, then you’re gonna love this," she shared in a popular Bunnings Facebook group.

"It’s a compost bin, upturned, available from Bunnings, painted in an exterior paint. So simple, yet so effective!

"I used a smaller pot on the inside and back-filled the space around it with bubble wrap, then topped with mulch."


The compost bin cost $59 and, with a little DIY, this inventive mum had a plant pot she was proud to display.

"I lightly sanded, then used an exterior epoxy spray on top of an exterior white base, which was all painted on," she explained.

Group members were very impressed, with one person calling her a "genius".

"What a great idea! Thanks for sharing, you clever lady," another added.

"Not only are they expensive, but I find them to be extremely HEAVY," a third wrote. "The issue for me, need a crane to move it once filled. This is such a good idea!"

Fan-base grows

One gardener was so inspired she immediately embarked on the project herself.

"Awesome! The wind tipped over my two tall plants and smashed the pots," she commented. "I can’t find pots tall enough. Bonus, l already have two compost bins!

"Just brought the cheap, large, plastic pot to hold the actual dirt in it (l tested it out at Bunnings, where it fits in the bottom of the compost bin perfectly)!

"The lady in the garden shop was impressed with your idea. Thank you."

A group of three different sized pots including the 55cm Extra Large Terrazzo Egg, $108 from Bunnings; a 58cm Milano Self Watering Planter, $129; and a white Harper Egg Fibreglass Pot, $121.
Bunnings has a range of reasonably priced pots, including the 55cm Extra Large Terrazzo Egg, $108; a 58cm Milano Self Watering Planter, $129; and a white Harper Egg Fibreglass Pot, $121. Photos: Bunnings

No time for DIY?

If you're not into DIY there are plenty of reasonably priced options at Bunnings that will still look impressive on your deck or patio.

The white Harper Egg Fibreglass Pot won't break the bank at $121, or go for the Extra Large Terrazzo Egg at $108. There is also a 58cm White Milano Self Watering Planter for $129.

However you decide to do it, extra potted plants add beauty to any outdoor space.

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