Aussie TikToker hits back after being shamed for gym outfit

"You should put a bra on!"

An Aussie TikToker has hit out at social media users claiming her gym outfits are "inappropriate" because she doesn't wear padding in her crop tops.

Commenters have previously slammed Sharelle Grant, a PT and nurse, who often wears non-padded crop tops to the gym.

Sharelle Grant on TikTok
An Aussie woman has hit out after being slammed for not wearing padding in her bra at the gym, which some have called 'inappropriate'. Photo: TikTok/Sharelle Grant

In a TikTok video, Sharelle hit back at a user who had previously commented on one of her videos, "Also, wear a f***ing bra to the gym."

The video shows Sharelle working out in the gym, with a voiceover of a fake conversation over the top of the video saying: "I can see your nipples poking through your shirt... You should put a bra on."

"No," they then respond. "Is it a secret I have nipples?"

"No, it's just inappropriate," the voiceover adds.


"It's inappropriate to have nipples?" she questions before saying she thinks it's "more inappropriate to talk about somebody else's nipples."

Sharelle's followers shared their support in the comments, with many shocked that anyone would feel comfortable commenting on her clothing.

"It's part of the aesthetic, people don't understand," one supporter commented.

"Who cares anyway girl, you look fantastic," another said.

"You wear what you want!" a third said.

"Why are they always trying to blame someone else for their lack of control?" someone else wrote.

"I can't believe people who get triggered over a pair of nipples, don't listen to the trolls," one user said. "Trolls are pathetic."

"I don't see people complain this way when you see a dude nippin'," someone else joked. "Anyone telling them to put on a bra? They need to mind their own. Keep doin' you!"

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