Aussie mum's 'incredible' cleaning hack using $10 hair product: 'Just wow'

The woman claims the results speak for themselves.

It’s not every day you come across a cleaning hack that absolutely wows you, but one Aussie mum is being praised online for sharing just that.

Posting her incredible before-and-after photos to Facebook, the woman revealed her secret to getting yellowed air-con vents back to white using a surprising hair product

Explaining that she was renovating her son's room after he'd just moved out, the woman said she was "super annoyed" with how the ducted evaporative air coolers had discoloured over the years.

Vent cleaning hack
While the woman's before-and-after pictures were of two different vents, she claims all the results of her cleaning method were this good. Photo: Facebook

But after just five minutes of applying $10 peroxide and letting it work its magic, the results were outstanding. "I put on gloves, smear the crème peroxide and then I place the item in a ziplock bag, or if it’s too large I wrap it in glad wrap," she explained.

"I sat it on the lawn in the backyard for the day then washed and dried and reinstalled it. Love turning yellow items white again! The yellow vent picture is a different room but was how it looked in his room too," she said of the photos.

There's a trick to it

She went on to explain that she uses the cleaning hack for brightening up all sorts of discoloured plastic around her home, including light switches. "Even fridges and water coolers - if it's gone yellow I've done this too," she said.


But there's a trick to getting things as white as possible. "Sunlight activates the process so if it isn't a sunny day it may need to be left out for a few days. On super sunny days it only takes an hour or less," she added.

Vent cleaning hack
While the woman used a creme peroxide, she said the liquid version worked just as well. Photo: Facebook.

Needless to say, others were super impressed with the results. "Wow looks amazing now," one person wrote, with another adding, "That's a brilliant idea. Very easy way to clean them."

Bad idea?

Not everyone was convinced the woman's cleaning hack was a good idea. "Great that it worked for you, but I wouldn't be putting peroxide on my plastic vents personally," one person commented. "Except it'll make them brittle, and they're so expensive to replace," cautioned another.

"If no sun, pop them under the heater vent, warmth is what activates peroxide. BUT be aware that it could cause some plastics to bubble so keep a close watch!" someone else advised.

However, the author of the post said she'd had no issues with the plastic vents becoming brittle or weakening. Plenty of viewers shared their hacks for whitening up their vents too. "Or just spray them with Rustoleum, they come up just like brand new and no brittleness," one Facebook user shared.

Vent cleaning hack
Fellow cleaning enthusiasts shared their tips for whitening vents, with one woman showing off the results of using Rustoleum. Photo: Facebook

"Don't need it, just need to soak in bleach water, comes out like new," added another. "I removed and soaked the vents in Domestos water and painted the surrounds in ceiling paint. Looked brand new. So easy," a third person offered.

Well, if you're in need of a weekend cleaning project, this might just be it.

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