Aussie influencer sparks fierce debate over 'dangerous' stunt with baby

The Gold Coast mum was slammed for the 'reckless' move.

An Aussie influencer has sparked fierce debate online after she took her five-month-old baby waterskiing to break the record for the youngest person to perform the water sport.

Former Amazing Race star Amanda Blanks, who has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, shared a TikTok on her baby's profile showing the young child being dragged through the water as she holds on to the handle of a small waterski.

Amanda is seen sitting in the boat holding onto a handle on the baby's life jacket while another video shows the mum following the baby in the water as she holds on to the bar herself.

"New world record – youngest person to waterski at 5 months and 10 days old," the caption on the baby's TikTok said.

"My mum grew up waterskiing and I've loved the water since I was born."

Sierra now holds the world record as the youngest person to ever waterski. Source: TikTok
Sierra now holds the world record as the youngest person to ever waterski. Source: TikTok

Fans were divided over the Gold Coast mum's stunt with her baby, with many slamming her for the "dangerous" act.

"This is crazy to me," one commented on TikTok.

"I don't know, something about it seems dangerous," one wrote.

"This is so unnecessary," a third added.

"So incredibly reckless," a follower commented.

"That has got to be the stupidest thing," somebody else claimed.


Others however jumped to the mum's defence saying she made sure her child was safe.

"Y’all are crazy. That boat is barely moving, mum's got ahold of her baby and the life jacket, if somehow she falls will keep her on her back, relax," one wrote.

"Y'all need to stop going after her because she was right by the child and holding on to her and not only that the child has a life jacket," another said in support.

"So awesome," a third added.

The mum took to social media to hit back at her critics, replying to one comment saying it was "not their child".

"Who are you to say it's wrong?" she added.

Amanda also hit back at another critic on TikTok who claimed the baby's legs were "forced" into the standing position.

"They're not forced. She's been standing since four months," the influencer replied.

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