Aussie influencer savaged for selling used rug as 'basically brand new'

The influencer has divided opinion after she tried to sell the rug online.

An Aussie influencer has been savaged online after she attempted to sell a rug as "basically brand new" despite having owned it since 2020.

Sarah Stevenson, who runs popular YouTube Channel Sarah's Day, posted on her Instagram Stories a picture of the Juno Beni Rug she was selling for $850.

"Basically brand new. We only rolled it out in Foxy's upstairs room for a week or so but he didn't like the pink on it," she wrote.

Sarah Stevenson had the rug since at least 2020. Source: Instagram
Sarah Stevenson had the rug since at least 2020. Source: Instagram

However popular Instagram page @aussieinfluenceropinions dug a little deeper and discovered the mum had actually owned the rug since at least 2020 and shared a picture of it blanketing the floor of her office.

A video shared on Instagram also showed her child crawling on the rug along with her dog.

"Basically brand new or almost 3 years old? Fox’s room or in the office?" the account captioned the photo.


People flocked to the comments to slam the influencer, who has more than a million followers, with feminist writer Clementine Ford calling her out as a "cheapskate".

"Just give it away," she said.

"Wish she would just give it away for free, someone could use it," another commented.

"Second-hand embarrassment for her," a third added.

"It literally looks old and gross," a follower said.

Influencer hits back at criticism

Sarah however has hit back at criticism and defended her decision to sell the rug as "basically brand new".

"Genuinely I may be wrong here but my interpretation of basically brand new is like good as new, or like, immaculate condition," she said in a TikTok.

"We rolled it out for literally a week. Kurt hated it. Fox hated it. So we had it in our apartment, we had it out for a little bit, Kurt hated it so we boxed it up.

"Then, in this new house, I rolled it out into Fox's room and he was like, 'Ew, it's pink', he doesn't like pink. So this rug has been sitting in our back room doing nothing, just folded up.

"Kurt was like sell it, get rid of it, something – my sisters didn't want it so I figured I would just sell it, like, I didn't care. I wasn't asking for the price that I bought it for, I was like, yeah, it's basically brand new like name a price and come and pick it up."

Sarah's followers jumped to the defence of the influencer saying she should be allowed to sell the rug if she wanted to.

"It’s so silly, that rug was in great condition. I would not have felt duped," one said.

"I 100% agree with your interpretation of new/basically new. I thought this was common knowledge," another commented.

"You’re not in the wrong," a third simply added.

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