'Ridiculous': ASOS slammed for selling $110 'scarf' top

ASOS has been ridiculed online over a $110 top, which shoppers say looks exactly like a scarf.

The retailer uploaded a snap of their Simonett Nanu knitted bralette crop top to Instagram, as shown by model and influencer Dana Emmanuelle- Jean Nozime.

Asos black scarf top
This ASOS top has been ridiculed online. Photo: ASOS

However, it didn’t go down too well, with people slating the top in the comment section, with one person saying it reminds them of a material arts belt.

“That’s not a top, that’s a scarf and you’re charging £55,” one person wrote. The top is available on the Australian website for $110.

“How lovely a scarf to keep the girls warm. Ridiculous fashion right there,” another person said.

Others agreed, saying it looks like “half a scarf” and just a “piece of fabric”.

”2020 hits again - A TOP?? That wouldn’t even cover ones nips,” another person wrote.

ASOS black crop top
This is what the top looks like on the website. Photo: ASOS

The top did have some fans thought, with one person writing: “Oh wow, this is so cool” and other commenting with fire emojis.

ASOS captioned the photo: “A top that can be worn multiple ways is the new dress with pockets,” which one person called out as a ridiculous statement.


It’s not the first time an ASOS design has hit headlines. Back in June, a Fashion Union design being sold on the site was mocked for looking like tiny face masks.

In November last year, a woman claimed that ASOS had cancelled her order due to her job as a sex worker.

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