'Pandemic chic': Tiny 'face mask' bikini mocked online

Millions of people all over the world have taken up new hobbies while in lockdown.

Some have taken up painting and others have finessed their cooking skills, however it seems the time away has given one online shopping retailer a chance to think outside the box when it comes to designing clothes post-pandemic.

ASOS floral bikini
Shopper have been left confused by this ASOS bikini. Photo: Asos

One ASOS Fashion Union bikini has been called out, with many saying the tiny $16 two-piece looks exactly like face masks.

It was first noticed by an Instagram page called asbos_sos, who captioned a snap of the bikini: “Public Service Announcement: Facemasks do not work below the nose.”

Since then, the post has received nearly 1,500 likes, with people confused over how the bikini is actually supposed to be work.

Woman wearing a two piece ASOS bikini
Many think it looks just like a face mask. Photo: Asos
Portrait of young woman on the street wearing  face protective mask to prevent Coronavirus and anti-smog
People online compared it to a 'post-pandemic' bikini. Photo: Getty Images

“When the designer had to create in quarantine times,” one person wrote.

“Pandemic chic,” another person commented, while another said the bikini would be under their armpits after a few cocktails by the pool.

Others thought even the model “wasn’t feeling it”, saying it “looks like a pair of curtains on like a narrowboat or something”.

Another person simply commented saying: “Too soon ASOS.”

According to the website, the bikin is exclusive to ASOS,i has a high side tie on the bottoms and comes in a ‘ditsy’ print.

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