We Asked Dolly Parton For the Best Way to Upgrade a Boxed Cake Mix, and Her Answer Was Iconic

Dolly Parton x Duncan Hines Pancakes

If you're Dolly Parton, you know the true meaning of success. From multiple decades of a highly celebrated musical career to being known as one of the kindest women in show business, Dolly Parton has continued to amass fans generations after generations. While her 2023 album Rockstar and her halftime performance at the Cowboys vs. Commanders game has been the talk of the town as of late, the one thing that continuously keeps coming back as the main discussion is her good cookin'.

Though recipes like her skillet cornbread, walnut pie and her cream of vegetable soup are all worthy of their time in your kitchen, her boxed collaborations with Duncan Hines deserve a spot there, too. And lucky for fans of the Iron Butterfly's Duncan collabs, there's a new installment headed to shelves right now.

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"We've got a chocolate and a yellow cake mix. We got muffin mixes and pancakes and a lot of wonderful things," Country's Iron Butterfly said in a recent interview with Parade. "I like every one of them, but it just depends on the mood that I'm in. We've got the banana bread and the crumb cake, but those new buttermilk pancakes, I'm excited about."

Dolly Parton x Duncan Hines Collection<p>Courtesy JB Rowland / Dolly Parton</p>
Dolly Parton x Duncan Hines Collection

Courtesy JB Rowland / Dolly Parton

While Dolly was more than eager to talk shop about her new line of boxed mixes as well as the new limited-edition Bake Like a Rockstar Baking Collection — which includes some of the new mixes as well as some really cook keepsakes — she told us the one secret ingredient she thinks is the ultimate upgrade to any boxed cake.

"Well, I fill all of that with love," she said enthusiastically. "I think anybody that's a good cook or used to cooking, you're going to automatically add a few things of your own. Whether it's nuts and it doesn't call for nuts or bananas or whatever.I think it's mostly just knowing how to cook. A real good cook is going to know how to make a cake from scratch. Nothing handier though, then to grab that box, look at that and know you're not going to make no mistakes."

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Though boxed mixes are currently on the radar for the famed all-around star, soon, fans can look forward to another expansion from Dolly: a line of freezer foods.

"I'm excited too because we just started our new partnership with 
," she said. "We're gonna go beyond the baking and have other foods that people are gonna be enjoying."

Stating that she's always "dreamed of having a frozen food line," Dolly noted that it's important that customers can get "really hearty food" with what she puts out. Revealing that there will be "a lot of comfort foods, a lot great foods, a lot fun foods" and things she's grown up with, she's confident that the upcoming release will be a hit with anyone who's looking for a soulful meal.

If by chance you're looking to nab this year's exclusive Bake Like a Rockstar Baking Collection from Dolly, you can purchase it here.

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