Angie Kent reveals surprise sexting confession: 'Highly recommend'

Angie Kent is one of Australia’s favourite TV personalities, from the Gogglebox couch to The Bachelorette mansion she’s always got something to say. She's now here answering all your burning questions about your sex life.

Question: I'm in a long-distance relationship and concerned about the amount of porn I'm watching. How much is too much and when does it become cheating?

For me, in my humble opinion, porn is not cheating. Unless of course, you are wanting to use it more than IRL sex with your partner? That may be something to look into, but again, probs not classified as cheating.

Also, you’re in a long-distance relationship... what are you supposed to do? Become a priest and never have sex or touch your OWN body until you're back with your partner? It’s your body, you can touch it whenever you see fit. Well, within reason of course. Don’t be touching it in public or anything like that - I am pretty sure that is illegal.

Angie Kent shares her honest opinions on sexting and whether porn is considered to be cheating. Photo: Instagram/angiekent_
Angie Kent shares her honest opinions on sexting and whether porn is considered to be cheating. Photo: Instagram/angiekent_

If this whole 'watching porn' is becoming a problem in your mind, then how about you have a chat with your partner about it? Be like, 'Hey I think I may be watching a little too much porn and I would like to perhaps get a little bit more creative across the distance with you!'.

Why don’t you watch porn together and get freaky with yourselves from a distance? That’s hot. OR do a cheeky little FaceTime session and watch one another? Or just do some serious sexting and use your imagination. The options are TRULY endless.


Whenever I am seeing someone but I can’t physically see them in person I love a sexting moment. Then I use that said sexting moment and go watch some of my favourite porn and pretend it’s my birthday! Kidding, but I do pretend it is myself and the person I am sexting with in the video. It is a ball of fun. I highly recommend it.

Angie Kent.
The former Bachelorette says porn is healthy and fabulous. Photo: Instagram/angiekent_

Try not to beat yourself up too much about porn and long distance. I don’t think there is such thing as too much in general speaking... it comes down to the individual. If you are thinking you are relying on it too much then talk to someone about it. Perhaps a professional. But again, how much porn is too much porn? That’s only for you to decide. Anyone else who tells you otherwise is merely just giving you their opinion based on the projection of society about porn.

Porn is healthy, porn is fabulous and if you are paying for it - EVEN BETTER! You are giving back to the glorious sex workers who put on a show so you can get your jollies off. So thank them by paying. We all have bills we got to pay.


In this instance... communication is key. Porn can sometimes be a tricky topic to navigate but if you’re open about it then I say that’s a good start. Have a chat with your partner about your needs and their needs and go from there. But no one should tell you how much porn is too much porn... Unless of course, you’re losing sleep/money/relationships/life balance over it and it’s a professional telling you. Oh, and lying about watching porn... well that is a completely different topic. Let's come back to that one at a later date if that’s the issue.

Have a chat, relax, sit back and enjoy your bits. They’re fun!

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