Angie Kent sticks up for MAFS' Tamara after 'villain’ edit: 'Would be jarring'

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Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's MAFS 2022 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything on the controversial reality show.

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Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's 2022 MAFS columnist. Photo: Instagram/Angie Kent

Sweet lord baby cheesus what have I gone and done? I have gone and said YES to doing Married At First Sight recaps for 2022. MAFS also referred to as ‘Men Are F****ing S**t’.

A massive thanks to our feminist Queen Clem Ford for this delicious reference, I will be borrowing this throughout my recaps.

There is SO much to unpack. Watching this show is like a commitment in itself. I am a week behind, and to recap every single episode would be like trying to recap a Titanic length movie each night, four nights a week. So I am going to focus on key topics and relevant situations that stand out to me. Here we go. Wish me (all of us) luck. *Deep breaths*.


Over these last two weeks of watching this reality TV show, I see that settling is a huge ongoing theme. Women settling for what we think we deserve is such a common concern Thanks to past conditioning and our s**t friend the patriarchy. How much does that say about society? I can relate to this feeling. I am sure so many women can.

Holly on MAFS 2022
Let's delve into week one and two of MAFS also referred to as ‘Men Are F****ing S**t’. Photo: Nine

And so it begins

The weddings are generally a snore fest in my humble opinion. This might be a bit of a controversial statement but I’ve put it out there now. I find it all to be soppy and hoaxy.

I sat there with one of my gay besties and watched the first few episodes with him. He sees old mate Texan for the first time and says ‘oooh he’s a vibe' and I respond instantly, he gives me anxiety. And boy oh boy was my gut spot on.

We have our problematic party boy coming in red hot. Brent. Welcome. I remember when I was 12 and loved being single too. Ehhh why is he here?

Al, our 25-year-old ‘baby’ is in the building. His enters like a Love Island contestant. Does he know what show he is on? Insecurities are a no go for our mate Al. His words, not mine. My insecurities are only my legs too doll (smh). He’s also never been in a relationship. Thanks MAFS. We are off to a swimmingly superb start. My eyes could not roll any further back into my head right now.

Al on MAFS
25-year-old Al entered onto our screens like a Love Island contestant. Photo: Nine

We have our token red hot kinky couple Ella and Mitch, where sparks seem to be flying sexually, and the token 36-year-old women with a timeline straight up. Holly.

I’m not sure about Tamara and Brent just yet. Why do we have to make the woman a villain because she wants a man with ambition? I totally see where Tamara’s coming from now that they have shown her explaining why someone with a career or ambition is so important to her. Most women are exhausted from having to look after man babies and then they gaslight us because we want more than mediocre. It would be jarring to hear it the way she explained it originally, but it seems it was a way to protect herself.

Our ‘Experts’ are back. Every year, serving us dry oats for advice, saying if you commit it will be worth it. Ok, sure Jan.

MAFS' Tamara in her wedding dress
"Why do we have to make the woman a villain because she wants a man with ambition". Photo: Nine

Andrew’s sex confession

Andrew, no one needs to know how many people you’ve had sex with. Loving sex is fine but there’s more to a relationship than kinky sex. Andrew wants Holly to benefit from his past experiences in the bedroom. What is this, Fifty freakin Shades?

Doesn’t matter how much you want marriage at 36 you should not settle Holly. Don’t settle because you want a baby, you deserve so much more. Or have a baby on your own rather than having it with another baby. Holly was scared of wanting to tell Andrew that she wanted to have a baby but he had zero fear of telling her he loves sex and has lots of it and tells her that she’s pretty much rubbish at it. What on God’s green Earth am I witnessing right now? My eyes, they truly burn.

The photo ranking task

Again, seriously? Me and my one lone remaining nerve are at our wits end. The emotional gaslighting, male fragility and complete and utter lack of self awareness is what makes me want to stick my bits in a blender and never date ever again.

This season so far we are seeing so many ‘throwing our toys out of the pram’ moments. Have these men ever thought that maybe they are childish and need to do some serious work and unlearning? Why is that such a HUGE thing? I have done bucket loads of work and sometimes I still slip up and act off past conditioning and can be quite the ass hat. But my ego isn’t big enough to not sit with that, think about it and set forth to keep healing.

MAFS 2022 Andrew and Holly on their wedding day
Andrew and Holly on their wedding day. Photo: Nine

Love bombing is huge on this show and we are accustomed to think that when a man shows a lot of love we should accept it. Yeah nah. That also can be referred to as severe narcissism. I know, I’ve been in that situation. I’ve been brought up around those relationships. As soon as these types of men don’t get their own way, they list everything that’s wrong with you to make you question your worth because God forbid you question theirs.

I feel women on this show can’t win. If they admit to being ‘one of the boys’ or get along better with men, then they’re classified as the steal your husband villain. If they confide in women and have a solid friendship with all the women, then they’re throwing men under the bus. I feel like I am living in that movie Changeling, where the women speak the truth and are vilified as delusional and confined to a psychiatric ward, AKA the commitment ceremonies.

Selina and Cody’s conversation about race

Selina breaks my heart. She is speechless. I am speechless and I feel I have no right to comment on this further. There are so many amazing Australian female Asian women on social media with amazing platforms that I highly recommend white Australians go and look up and do the damn work. To understand your systematic racism is something I highly recommend every white Australia do if you haven’t started that process already. Feel that discomfort of your conditioning and start to question it and unlearn it.

MAFS 2022 Selina crying
Selina was left in tears after Cody's admission. Photo: Nine

Andrew walks out

I have heard Andrew has gone MIA and is not getting involved with any interviews/ social media after the backlash from the show. I don’t wish destruction or pain on anybody, ever. If he is battling with his mental health post this experience it does go to show how tremendously f***ed up reality TV can be.

On that note, I am extremely triggered and pooped. Why do you hate us MAFS, why? Or are you simply showing us the absolute garbage dump of a dating world we live in. Something to ponder.

I am going to go scrub my skin and meditate for a solid three hours and get ready for the commitment ceremony. I need these days to heal. Until then - Eat, Sleep, Sage, Repeat.

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